SAT 2-3

  1. colossal 
    very large 
  2. commend 
    to express approval of 
  3. compost 
    a mixture of decaying organic matter used to improve soil 
  4. concede 
    to acknowledge as true 
  5. condolence 
    sympathy with another in sorrow 
  6. contrite 
    feeling sorry for what one has done 
  7. curmudgeon 
    as ill-tempered person 
  8. curtail 
    to cut short, abbreviate 
  9. deadpan 
    showing an expression 
  10. despot 
    a ruler with absolute power; a person who wields power oppressively 
  11. disown 
    to refuse to recognize at one's own; to reject 
  12. eclipse 
    to overshadow 
  13. enervate 
    to weaken 
  14. epitome 
    a representative example of a type 
  15. escalate 
    to increase or intensify 
  16. extrapolate 
    to predict by extending known information 
  17. extricate 
    to remove from an entanglement or difficulty 
  18. futile 
    having no useful result 
  19. heckle 
    to harass with questions or taunts 
  20. hoax 
    an act meant to trick or fool 
  21. imperious 
    domineering, marked by arrogant assurance 
  22. ineffectual 
    useless; lacking forcefulness 
  23. inveigle 
    to obtain by flattery 
  24. jaunty 
    having a happy self-confidence 
  25. levity 
    lack of seriousness, esp. when improper 
  26. lurid 
    causing shock or horror; tastelessly vivd; glowing like fire through a haze 
  27. moot 
    debatable; of academic interest only 
  28. mosaic
    an image created by the assembly by many small colored pieces 
  29. optimum 
    the most favorable point or condition 
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