1. Offspring that are the result of mating two genetically different kinds of parents --opposite of purebred.
  2. A theory that inherited traits blend from generation to generation. Accepted 19th Century
    Blending Theory 
  3. Opposite of hybrid. Offspring that are the result of breeding genetically similar plants or animals.
  4. Unit of inheritance usually occurring at specific loci on chromosome. 
  5. Alternate forms of the same gene. express different traits. 
  6. Genotype consisting of 2 identical alleles of a gene for particular trait
    Homozygous genotype
  7. General term for allele that masks the presents of another allele 
    Dominant allele 
  8. General term for allele that is masked by the presents of another allele 
    Recessive allele 
  9. Mendel's principle of genetic inheritance that states that any particular trait, the genes from each parent separate (during formation of gametes) 
    Principle of segregation. 
  10. genes are passed to offspring independently 
    Principle of independent assortment 
  11. a trait that is determined by the by the combined effect of more than one gene. 
    Polygenic trait 
  12. pink flowers show
    Incomplete dominance 
  13. Two different traits expressed in the phenotype of heterozygous individuals unblended. AB blood
  14. inheritance pattern in which a gene has more than 2 alleles. ABO blood is a example
    Multiple allele series 
  15. genes that can alter how certain other genes are expressed in a phenotype. 
    Modifying genes 
  16. gene that can either initiate or block the expression of other genes
    Regulator Gene
  17. genes that need certain environmental factors to show up. Ex gene for type II diabetes
    Incompletely penetrant genes
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