Benign Prostate Hypertrophy

  1. Hypertrophy
    Increase in # of cells
  2. What is BPH?
    The prostate surrounds the urethra like a donut, when it gets bigger it constricts the urethra and urine cant get out
  3. What causes BPH?
    • Hormones (testicular androgen)
    • Age
  4. Results of BPH
    • Urinary retention
    • Reflux of urine in to the ureters
    • Hydronephrosis
    • UTI's
    • Hypotonic Bladder
    • Bladder Trabeculation
  5. Hydronephrosis
    Back up of fluid in to the kidneys
  6. Hypotonic Bladder
    when the bladder doesnt completely empty its urine content...and then it dribbles out the rest
  7. Bladder trabeculation
    fibers in the bladder become wavy.  So urine inside the bladder sloshes around, hits the waves and it goes back up in to the ureters causing reflux
  8. How do you dianos BPH and cancer of the prostate?
    Rectal exam

    BPH shows as big, uniform and elastic, non tender

    Cancer is stoney, hard nodule
  9. Nandas for BPH
    • Imparied urinary elim R/T prostate hyperplasia
    • Risk for infection R/T urinary retention
    • Pain R/T urinary obstruction
    • Anxiety R/T dysuris
    • Fear R/T possible impotence
  10. How do antiandrogens help BPH?
    • decrease prostate size
    • side effect of impotence, and growth of hair
  11. How does post synaptic alpha andranergic receptor blockers help BPH?
    • relaxes smooth muscles so pt can void
    • Side effects are decreased BP, orthostatic hypotension and headaches
  12. How does the herb Saw Palmetto help with BPH?
    Increase of urinary flow
  13. How does TURP help with BPH?
    Surgery that goes thru the urethra and removes the prostate tissue using a rectoscope.  It excises and cuaterizes obstructive prostate tissue.
  14. Interventions after TURP surgery?
    PT will have a lg 3 way indwelling catheter w/ a 30 mL balloon used to provide homeostasis and facilitate urinary drainage. 
  15. Why does the pt have CBI after TURP?
    to prevent clots...done for first 24 hours and until fluid in catheter bag is rosy
  16. Turp teaching to patient:
    • No lifting
    • No driving
    • No strenuous exercise for 2-3 weeks
    • Acid Ash diet (no fruits or vegs)
    • Increase fluids
    • No straining BM
    • Avoid caffein and spicy foods
    • CALL DR. if bright red blood in urine or a decrease in urinary stream occurs
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