e&e soldering ure

  1. an acceptable tinned wire has
    an insulation clearance equal to the diameter of the wire and wire strands covered with solder, but still visible
  2. during soldering, apply the proper amount of solder directly to the
  3. how should you remove excess solder from the soldering iron tip?
    wipe the iron on a damp sponge or rag
  4. what angle is used to trim out damaged foil areas of printed circuit doards?
    45 degrees
  5. to connect wires or components leads to flat perforated terminals, the wrap must be
    180 degrees
  6. how should you test the heat of a soldering iron?
    touch the tip to solder, away from your body
  7. when sololdering a brass fiting to copper tubing, how far should the inner cone of the torch flame be kept from the work?
    at least one half of an inch
  8. hwo should you remove a component from a printed circuit board?
    vacuum desoldering
  9. to clean tinned, lead plated circuit boards use
    a medium bristle brush and alcohol
  10. when repairing a damage terminal on a circuit board, the replacement foil should overlap the connecting circuit by at least
    0.125 inch
  11. oxide film is removed from the surface of metals during the soldering process by
    the soldering flux
  12. you should clean the circuit board connection within how long after it has cooled?
    90 minutes
  13. which choice best describes a good solder connection
    no pits or holes and has a good concave fillet
  14. when making wire connection to turret terminals, wrap the wire around the terminal at least
    180 degrees
  15. you can best determine a soldered connections quality by
    giving it a thourough visual inspection
  16. what must you do before soldering gold plated integrated circuit leads
    remove their gold plating
  17. why do we use thermal shunts in soldering
    they protect heat sensitive components
  18. when soldering a module type package to a printed ciruit board, ensure the connection is soldered within
    5 seconds
  19. how should you hold a printed circuit board to desolder a component
  20. you must repai a circuit board conductor if it has a nick that extends what part of its width?
    25 percent
  21. how should you shape a soldering irons copper tip?
    use a fine file when the tip is cold
  22. prior tgo soldering electronic equipment, ensure the equipment is
    disconnected from the power source
  23. how should a clinched lead terminal lay in respect to the printed circuit pad
    flat on the pad and in the direction of the printed circuit wiring pattern
  24. how should you clean a plated soldering tip?
    with an abrassive cloth while the tip is cold
  25. which type of solder is preferred for printed circuit boards?
  26. you should clean the metal you are soldering to
    let the solder adhere properly
  27. what is an acceptable substitute for siler solder flux?
    borax an water
  28. what is the heaviest duty solering iron you normally use in soldering a printed circuit board?
    27 watts
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