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  1. terms in the constitution describing the US senate's power to review and approve treaties and presidential appointments
    advice and consent
  2. the role of the president in recognizing foreign governments, making treaties , and effecting executive agreements
    chief diplomat
  3. the role of the president as head of the executive branch of the government
    chief executive
  4. the role of the president in influencing the making of laws
    chief legislator
  5. the person who is named to direct the white house office and advise the president
    chief of staff
  6. a collective term for the body of employees working for the govt
    civil service
  7. the role of the president as supreme commander of the military forces of the United States and of the state national guard units when they are called into federal service
    commander in chief
  8. a power vested in the president by article II of the constitution
    constitutional power
  9. an inherent power exercised by the president during a period of nation crisis
    emergency power
  10. an international agreement made by the president, without senatorial ratification, with he head of a foreign state
    executive agreement
  11. an organization established by president FDR to assist the president in carrying out major duties
    executive office of the president (EOP)
  12. a rule or regulation issued by the president that has the effect of law
    executive order
  13. the right of executive officials to withhold information from, or to refuse to appear before, a legislative committee
    executive privilege
  14. a power of the president that is expressly written into the constitution
    expressed power
  15. a publication of the US govt that prints executive orders, rules, and regulations
    federal register
  16. the role of the president as ceremonial head of the govt
    head of state
  17. a power of the president derived from the statements in the constitution that the executive power shall be vested in a president and that the president should take care that the laws be faithfully executed
    inherent powers
  18. an agency in the executive office of the president that advises the president
    national security council (NSC)
  19. a division of the executive office of the president. assists the president in preparing the annual budget, clearing and coordinating departmental agency budgets, and supervising the administration of the federal budget
    office of management and budget (OMB)
  20. a formal postponement of the execution of a sentence imposed by a court of law
  21. a written declaration that the president may make when signing a bill into law, It may contain instructions to the bureaucracy on how to administer the law or point to section of the law that the president considers unconstitutional or contrary to national security interests
    signing statement
  22. a power created for the president through laws enacted by congress
    statutory powers
  23. the presidents formal explanation of a veto, which accompanies the vetoes legislation when it is returned to congress
    veto message
  24. a law passed in 1973 spelling out the conditions under which the president can commit troops without congressional approval
    war powers resolution
  25. individuals regularly involved with politics in DC
    washington community
  26. the personal office of the president, which tends to presidential political needs and manages the media
    white house office
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