1. Blank screen
    • Stage A1
    • Computer sends power to logic board, power-on self test (POST)
    • (Chime if successful)
  2. Blank Gray Screen
    • Stage A2
    • EFI loads boot loader
  3. Gray Apple
    • Stage B1
    • Boot loader boot.efi loads kernel and boot-required kexts
  4. Gray apple + gear
    • Stage B2
    • Kernel looks for root device and its driver checks disk directory, and runs the "launched process"
  5. Blue screen
    • Stage B3
    • The "loginwindow" process starts which requires WindowServer; other "launched" jobs and processors run, mostly in parallel
  6. Welcome to Mac OS X progress window
    • Stage B3.5
    • Previous versions of Mac OS X display a progress window
    • (Leopard and Snow leopard do not display this Window)
  7. If automatic login is disabled, you see the login window
    • Stage B4
    • Login Window Starts
  8. Desktop, Dock, and menu bar
    • Stage C1
    • Finder, Dock, and other background processes load
  9. Item specific onscreen elements
    • Stage C2
    • Login items run
    • (Some login items do not display onscreen elements)
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