Volume Formats.txt

  1. Mac OS Extended
    • Legacy volume for Macs.
    • Supports all advanced features of OS X.
    • Case-preserving, but case insensitive
  2. Mac OS Extended (Journaled)
    • Default volume format for OS X.
    • From Extended but adds advanced file system journaling to help prevent volume structure integrity.
    • Logs when files are changed.
  3. Mac OS Extended, Journaled, Case sensitive
    • This volume format adds case-sensitivity.
    • Not normally used when setting up a Mac for normal Mac OS X use.
  4. Unix File System (UFS)
    • Legacy volume supported by Mac.
    • Default Unix file system for decades.
    • Since v10.5 Leopard, no longer supported as a startup volume.
    • Mounted as read only
  5. File Allication Table (FAT32)
    • Legacy volume for Windows.
    • You can mount FAT32 in OS X.
    • OS X can read and write FAT volumes.
  6. New Technology File System (NTFS)
    • Windows native volume format.
    • OS X cannot start up from it.
    • Disk utility cannot create volumes.
    • Only mounted as read-only.
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