NCLEX- Growth Factors/ Blood products

  1. Epoetin Alfa
    Erythropoietic Growth Factor. Stimulates RBC production. Acts on bone marrow to produce more blood cells
  2. What is a side effect of Epoetin alfa?
    HtN because it can cause elevation of hematocrit levels
  3. Filgrastrim (neuopogen)
    Leukopoietic growth factors. Stimulates bone marrow to increase production of neutrophils.

    Admin: subQ and IV only
  4. Pegfilgrastim (Neulasta)
    Leukopoietic Growth factor. Stimulates bone marrow to increase production of neutrophils
  5. What are two side effects of leukopoietic Growth factors such as filgrastrim and neulasta?
    Bone pain and leukocytosis
  6. Sargramostim (Leukine)
    Granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor. med acts on bone marrow to increase porductio of white blood cells (neuts, mons, macrophages, eosinos).
  7. Oprevlvekin (interleukin-11 Neumega)
    Thrombopoietic Growth factor. Increases the production of platelets
  8. What is the purpose of administering FFP?
    to replace coagulating factors
  9. What is the purpose of give the blood product albumin?
    Expand circulating blood volume by exerting oncotic pressure.
  10. When administering blood products, how often and long does the nurse need to stay with the client?
    every 5 minutes for 15 minutes.
  11. Blood is are administered w/?
    Normal saline.
  12. Albumin can be administered w??
    saline or glucose solutions.
  13. What two electrolyte imbalances can occur during a blood transfusion?
    Hypocalcemia and hyperkalemia.

    The citrate that is in infused blood can bind with ca and is excreted.
  14. What are some main things that a nurse need to do when they suspect a transfusion reaction?
    Stop the transfusion, Obtain a urine sample and send to check for hemoglobin and send the blood bag and IV tubing to the blood bank for analysis.
  15. If a pt had a aPtt > 1.5 x the expected reference range, what would the nurse prepare to transfuse?
    Fresh frozen plasma because it treats clotting disorders
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NCLEX- Growth Factors/ Blood products
NCLEX- Growth Factors/ Blood products