Unit 8

  1. Complacent
    adj. Satisfied with a situation that should changed or improved.

    Stacy is complacent with a C- even though she is a potential A student.
  2. Placebo
    n. Something which has a positive mental effect, but no physical effect.

    Tiny gave Toya a placebo pill to make her think it would make her pass the test.
  3. Placid
    adj. Calm; undisturbed

    Because of Brenda's placid personality, she never seemed to let anything bother her.
  4. Gratuitous
    adj. Unnecessary or unwanted

    Paula was awakened by gratuitous noise outside her bedroom.
  5. Ingratiate
    v. To gain another's favor by flattery or false friendliness.

    Melissa tried to ingratiate her math teacher by showering her with compliments.
  6. Ingrate
    n. One who is not properly thankful

    John appeared to be an ingrate when he did not thank his mother for his new car.
  7. Docile
    adj. Easily taught; submissive to instruction

    Amy was more docile than her co-workers so her boss made her the store manager.
  8. Indoctrinate
    v. To teach a certain point of view to

    The cult leader attempted to indoctrinate his new followers in the ways of his teachings.
  9. Doctrine
    n. That which is taught: body of beliefs or ideas

    The doctrine convinced the children that aliens were real.
  10. Temper
    v. To decrease the strength of

    Lisa tempers her appetite by drinking protein shakes.
  11. Temperance
    n. Restraint or moderation, especially in regards to alcohol or food.

    Connie's temperance at the bar sparred her a hangover the next morning.
  12. Intemperate
    adj. Lacking moderation; severe or extreme

    Everyone stayed inside because the weather was intemperate today.
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