English Warm up

  1. Enunciation
    Clear, pronounciation, accent; articulation.
  2. Cryptic
    Having a meaning that is mysterious or abscure.
  3. Oblivious
    entirely unaware of surroundings; forgetful.
  4. Inculcate
    To teach and impress by frequent repetition or instruction.
  5. Supererogatory
    Going beyond what is recquired or expected.
  6. Does ex Machina
    Any active agent, introduced in literature, that conviently solves a seemingly unsolvable problem.
  7. Phlegmatic
    Not easily excited to action or display of emotion, apathetic.
  8. Denigrate
    to attack the character or reputation of someones to deface.
  9. Addendum
    A textual matter that is added on to a publicatoin, usually at the end.
  10. Facetious`
    Amusing, tending to be humuerous; not serious.
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