Final Exam - Misc

  1. One mechanism the kidney uses to raise BP is to

    C) increase renin
  2. Increased aldosterone causes the kidneys to produce

    B) urine with decreased Na+
  3. Excess H+ is eliminated by

    C) kidneys
  4. Functions of the urinary system include

    C) all of these
  5. Metabolic acidosis can be componsated for by

    D) all of these
  6. Metabolic acidosis can be

    C) all of these
  7. During ventricular systole, the

    B) AV valves are closed
  8. The network of capillaries in the renal capsule is called the

    C) glomerulus
  9. The process of filtration is driven by

    B) blood pressure
  10. Metabolic acidosis can be compensated by

    C) both of these
  11. How long do RBC live in the body?

    c. five months (150 days)
    C. four months (120 days)
  12. Who has brown fat? What is it used for?
    • Babies
    • Thermogenesis
  13. What does the Herring Breur reflex do?

    • C. stops inspiration to prevent over stretching the lungs
    • (triggered by stretch receptors in the lungs)
  14. How is cardiac muscle different from skeletal muscle?
    a. never goes into tetanus
    b. never fatigues
    c. does not rely on the central nervous system
    d. a and b
    e. b and c
    d. a and b

    • b/c of long plateaus and slow Ca channels
    • rapid depolarization due to fast Na+ channels
  15. Why are gap junctions important in cardiac muscle?
    allow action potentials to travel from one cell to another quickly

    allows heart cells to contract as one nit
  16. Gap junctions are located where?
    intercalcalated disks
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