WWI people

  1. Congressional Medal of Honor winner who became a hero when he captured 132 soldiers during the Battle of Argonne Forest
    Alvin C. York
  2. Serbian rebels killed this person and started WWI
    Archduke Francis Fernand
  3. Germany's foreign secretary who sent a secret telegram to Mexico
    Arthur Zimmermann
  4. * Governor of Tennessee in 1923 who built roads,reduced taxes,and improved schools
    * Austin Peay
  5. A woman who worked for woman's suffrage in Nashville, TN
    Anne Dudley
  6. Famous for leadership role in women's suffrage, died in 1906
    Susan B. Anthony
  7. President during WWI and also had the idea for the League of Nations
    Wodrow Wilson
  8. She served as the leader of the International Woman Suffrage Alliance
    Carrie Chapman Catt
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