Med Words Second class, wk 1

  1. angiostenosis
    narrowing of vessel
  2. atherosclerosis
    hardening of arteries
  3. bradycardia
    slow HR
  4. cardiomgaly
    enlarged heart
  5. hematocytopenia
    decreased blood cells
  6. hematoma
    blood tumor
  7. myocarditis
    inflammation of the heart muscle
  8. atelectasis
    collapsed lung
  9. tachycardia
    fast HR
  10. angioplasty
    surgical repair of damaged blood vessel
  11. lymphadenopathy
    disease of lymph nodes
  12. lymphoma
    tumor of lymph gland
  13. splenomegaly
    enlarged spleen
  14. splenectomy
    removal of spleen
  15. hypothyroidism
    condition of under active thyroid
  16. dysplasia
    abnormality of development
  17. leiomyosarcoma
    malignant tumor of the smooth muscle
  18. neuropathy
    damaged nerve(s)
  19. cytogenic
    pertaining to cell development
  20. cytoid
    resembling a cell
  21. erythrocyte
    red blood cell
  22. hyperplasia
    rapid formation
  23. leukocyte
    white blood cell
  24. hidradenitis
    inflammation fo sweat gland
  25. hemothorax
    blood in the pleural cavity
  26. scleroderma
    hardening/thickening of skin
  27. erythrocytosis
    abnormal condition of an increase in the number of circulating RBC
  28. osteoclast
    cell that breaks down bone
  29. osteoblast
    bone-forming cell
  30. gastritis
    inflammation of the stomach
  31. arthrocentesis
    surgical puncture of a joint
  32. leukocytopenia
    abnormally low number of WBC
  33. pleurocentesis
    surgical puncture of pleural space
  34. eupnea
    normal breathing
  35. orthopnea
    difficulty breathing unless in upright position
  36. somatogenic
    having origin in the body
  37. dermatome
    instrument for cutting skin
  38. somatopathy
    disease of body
  39. erythroderma
    redness of the skin over widespread areas of the body
  40. hypodermic
    under the skin
  41. staphylococcus
    grape-like shaped bacteria
  42. streptococcus
    twisted-chain shaped bacteria
  43. xanthoderma
    yellowing of skin
  44. cystolith
    urinary stone
  45. nephritis
    inflammation of the kidneys
  46. ureterolithiasis
    stone in ureter
  47. lithotropsy
    crushing of stone in bladder or urether
  48. hematuria
    blood in urine
  49. xanthosis
    abnormal condition of yellow
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Med Words Second class, wk 1
Med Words Second class, wk 1