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  1. The group that is most likely to buy a certain good or service is a(n):

    D. target market.
  2. Which of the following is a reason that a marketing campaign needs to change over time?

    A. All of these choices
  3. External marketing environment scanning involves all of the following EXCEPT:

    A. analysis of carbon dioxide emissions.
  4. A person's values are formed through:

    A. interaction with others.
  5. A firm that engages in environmental management attempts to change:

    D. legal regulations.
  6. The study of ________ examines, for example, the percentage of single parent homes or the percentage of bilingual individuals.

    B. demography
  7. A demographic study of a market might include all of the following EXCEPT:

    D. handwriting analysis.
  8. A marketing campaign aimed at ________ should emphasize diverse ethnic groups and stress environmental benefits.

    B. Generation Y
  9. A marketing campaign aimed at ________ should not depend heavily upon online banner advertising.

    D. teens
  10. The primary determinant of a person's earning potential is:

    C. education.
  11. ________ is equal to income minus the cost of living.

    C. Purchasing power
  12. Which of the following is more likely to do well in a recession?

    A. Wal-Mart
  13. ________ research aims to create innovative products.

    A. Applied
  14. The ________ Act requires firms to sell the same product for the same price to different consumers.

    A. Robinson-Patman
  15. The Federal Trade Commission is empowered to do all of the following EXCEPT:

    A. establish safety standards on products.
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