Foundations of Management - Chapter 13: Teams and Teamwork

  1. What is a team?
    A collection of people who regularly interact to pursue common goals
  2. What is teamwork?
    The process of people actively working together to accomplish common goals
  3. What is social loafing?
    The tendency of some people to avoid responsibility by "free-riding" in groups
  4. What is a committee?
    A formal team designated to work on a special task on a continuing basis
  5. What is a cross-functional team?
    Members come from different functional units
  6. What is an employee involvement team?
    They meet on a regular basis to use its talents to help solve problems and achieve continuous improvement
  7. What is a quality circle?
    A team of employees who meet periodically to discuss ways of improving work quality
  8. What is a virtual team?
    Members who work together and solve problems through computer based interactions
  9. What is a self-managing work team?
    Members who have the authority to make decisions about how they share and complete their work
  10. What does an effective team do?
    They achieve high levels of both task performance and membership satisfaction
  11. What is a group process?
    The way team members work together to accomplish tasks
  12. What are the stages of team development?
    • Forming
    • Storming
    • Norming
    • Performing
    • Adjourning
  13. What happens during the forming stage?
    The initial entry of individual members into a team
  14. What happens during the storming stage?
    It's a stage of high emotions when everyone begins to understand one another, possibly forming cliques and sub groups based on decisions and opinions
  15. What happens during the Performing Stage?
    Total integration in which team m embers are able to deal in creative ways with both complex tasks and any interpersonal conflicts
  16. What happens during the adjourning stage?
    Teams prepare to disband
  17. What is a norm?
    A behavior, rule or standard expected to be followed by team members
  18. What is cohesiveness?
    The degree to which members are attracted to and motivated to remain part of a team
  19. What is a task activity?
    An action by a team member that contributes to the group's performance purpose
  20. What is a maintenance activity?
    An action taken by a team member that supports the emotional life of the group
  21. What is a centralized communication network?
    When communication flows only between individual members and a hub or center point
  22. What is a decentralized communication network?
    When members communicate directly with one another
  23. What is a decision by lack of response?
    When one idea after another is suggested without any discussion taking place
  24. What is decision by authority rule?
    The leader makes the decisions for the team
  25. What is decision by minority rule?
    Two or three people can dominate the team into making a mutually agreeable decision
  26. What is decision by majority rule?
    Polling or voting to make a decision
  27. What is a decision by consensus?
    • One alternative is favored over the others and others agree to support it
    • Not unanimous
  28. What is decision by unanimity?
    Everyone agrees to the same decision
  29. Do good teams limit themselves to just one decision-making style?
  30. What is groupthink?
    A tendency for highly cohesive teams to lose their evaluative capabilities
  31. What is team building?
    A sequence of collaborative activities to gather and analyze data on a team and makeĀ  changes to increase its effectiveness
  32. What are the steps of the team-building process?
    • Problem awareness
    • Data gathering
    • Data analysis and diagnosis
    • Action planning
    • Action implementation
    • Evaluation
  33. What are characteristics of the best team leaders?
    • Establish a clear vision of the future
    • Create change
    • Unleash talent
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