History 102 Midterm 1

  1. What year was the Peasants Revolt?
  2. Why was the Peasants revolt successful? 
    Decentralization of the Roman Empire
  3. What cause did the peasants fight for?
    Used Protestantism and Martin Luther's concepts.
  4. How did the Peasants Revolt of 1525 affect Martin Luthers Reputation? What did it cause
    Princes questioned Protestantism and this brought a halt to its spread throughout Europe. The revolt also gave people a reason to hate Protestantism and show how it negatively impacted their civilization.
  5. What did Luther do when the Peasants revolted?
    Luther took the side of the nobles and Princes, denouncing himself from the peasants stating that they had misinterpreted the message. This caused the peasants to feel betrayed but helped him gain back some lost ground with the nobles and princes.
  6. What was the Edict of Nantes created to stop?
    The Edict of Nantes was created midst a time where Catholic and Protestant families were fighting. His Edict relieved these tensions between the two religions
  7. What did the Edict of Nantes do specifically?
    The Edict gave political rights and protection to the French Calvanists
  8. What did Charles IV do to relieve tension when he became King?
    Charles IV converted to Catholicism because that is what the general populace wanted of him. In order to alleviate stress and tension, against his own beliefs, Charles V converted.
  9. What did Charles IV conversion show?
    Charle IV's conversion showed that he had real "politik" meaning that he would rather forgo his own beliefs for the betterment of the mass populace.
  10. What did Charles IV believe about politics versus religion?
    He believed politics was always more important then religion.
  11. What countries and empires did King Charles V have under his control.
    Americas, Spain, Austria, Netherlands and the Holy Roman Empire
  12. When did Charles V Rule from?
  13. Who were King Charles V Grandparents and what were they?
    Ferdinand and Isabella, the first monarchs of Spain
  14. What is King Charles V remembered most for
    He is remembered more for his failures to crush the protestant movement from within his own country
  15. Why did King Charles V have trouble removing Protestantism from his own Country?
    He had to adhere to political alliances he needed to become king but had since then become burdensome and hard to fulfill. He was also at war with France. 
  16. Were Charle V's wars against the Ottoman Empires successful?
    Only moderately so...
  17. When did Charles V step down from power? To whom did he split his power up amongst?
    He stepped down in 1556 and gave the Holy Roman Empire, Netherlands and Italy to his brother and gave Spain to his son Phillip II
  18. What time period was Renee Descartes from?
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