1. Bridewealth and Dowry
  2. Define bridewealth.
    Husband and his kin give gifts to wife's kin.
  3. What is meant by progeny price?
    Making children born to couple a part of the husband's descent group.
  4. When the wife's family provides gifts to the husband's family, it is known as ______.
  5. Why is dowry mostly associated with low status females?
    Women are seen as burdens for their family, so their family must compensate husband's family for taking her off their hands.
  6. What is the term for a widow who was burned on her husband's funeral pyre?
  7. As ______ becomes more stable, marriage becomes more stable.
  8. Types of Marriage
  9. What is serial monogamy?
    Having one partner at a time, but through divorce widowhood or abandonment, having several marriages in one's lifetime.
  10. What is meant by sororate?
    A man marrying his wife's sister after his wife dies.
  11. What is the term for a woman marrying her husband's brother after her husband dies?
  12. Incest Taboo and Marriage
  13. What is incest taboo?
    The prohibition of having sexual relations with people considered close relatives.
  14. Which civilizations allowed their royalty to marry their brothers and sisters?
    Ancient Egyptians, Incans, Hawaiians
  15. What relationships result from marriage converting strangers into kin?
    Affinal relationships.
  16. Marriage ______ is marrying outside of one's group, while marriage _____ is marrying within the group one belongs to.
    exogamy; endogamy
  17. What Does Marriage Do?
  18. Marriage gives ________ ____, which establishes the legal father of a woman's children and the legal mother of a man's children.
    legal paternity
  19. It gives spouses a ______ over the sexuality of the other spouse, and _____ is considered a violation of this right.
    sexuality; adultery
  20. It gives spouses rights over the _____ and the ____ of the other.
    labor; property
  21. It also establishes a joint fund for the benefit of the children known as _______.
  22. A "relationship of ______" is established between spouses and their relatives, which creates responsibility to/of in-laws.
  23. Divorce
  24. In what societies is divorce more common?
    In matrilineal societies.
  25. Divorce in the US tends to increase/decrease (1 each)
    • increase after wars
    • decrease when the economy is bad
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