Ch1 anatomy

  1. anatomy vs physiology
    anatomy is the structure and shape of the body, physiology is the study of how the body and its parts function
  2. integumentary
    external body coverings
  3. nervous 
    responds to changes
  4. respritory
    oxygen to blood and body
  5. urinary
    eliminates wastes
  6. skeletal
    protects , supports, makes blood in bones
  7. endocrine
  8. lymphatic
  9. reproductive
  10. muscular
    manipulation and movement
  11. cardiovascular
    heart, transport blood
  12. digestive
    breaks down food and eliminates wastes as feces
  13. necessary life functions
    • maintaining boundries- insides and outsides seperate
    • movement-activities muscular system
    • responsiveness-changes in enviorment and reacting to them
    • digestion-breaks down injested food
    • metabolism, excretion, reproductive, growth
  14. homeostasis, negative feedback

    most of the time
  15. homeostasis positive feedback
    • iNCREASE disturbance
    • ex. childbirth and blood clotting
  16. Image Upload 1
    directional terms
  17. nine regions
    Image Upload 2
  18. body planes- saggital
    when the body is split vertically any way not neccesarily evenly
  19. body planes- median
    equally left and right in half vertically into left and right
  20.  body planes -frontal
    split into front and back vertically 
  21. transverse cross section
    split in half-- upper body and lower body
  22. dorsal body cavity
    contains brain and spine
  23. ventral body cavity
    contains heart, stomach liver intestines, bladder rectum
  24. four abdominopelvic quadrants
    • right       [       left 
    • upper      [       upper
    • quad       ]       quad
    • --------------------------
    • right       {      left
    • lower      ]      lower
    • quad       [      quad
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