Revolutionary War

  1. Which country was America's main ally?
  2. Who was a teenage French aristocrat who volunteered to served in Washington's army?
  3. during the winter at _______ 1/4 of Washington's troops grew weak fro hunger and the cold.
    Valley Forge
  4. Who victories on the frontier gave Americans control of the Great Lakes and Ohio River?
    George Rogers Clark
  5. Who could make profits from capturing enemy merchant ships and selling their cargoes?
  6. Who was anĀ  American Naval Commander who became famous for his hard-fought victories over the British ships?
    John Paul Jones
  7. Many people could not handle the fighting, the cold, and lack of supplies therefor those people would....
    desert the army
  8. Most Americans were either ___________ or ______________.
    Patriots or Neutral
  9. Who organized and commanded the continental army?
  10. George Washington
  11. Who's northern strategy was to cut off New England from the other states?
  12. Who led the British force from Canada toward Albany, New York?
    John Burgoyne
  13. What battles prevented the British from gaining control of coastal cities?
    Battles of Saratoga
  14. Commander of Continental Army...
    G. Washington
  15. British army director in the Rev. War...
    John Burgoyne
  16. Mohawk chief allied with the British...
    Joseph Brant
  17. US army general in the Rev. War who later turned traitor....
    Benedict Arnold
  18. US army general in the Rev. War...
    Horatio Gates
  19. A series of conflicts in 1777 near Albany, NY
    Battles of Saratoga
  20. Not favoring one side..
  21. Someone who is opposed to all war..
  22. Professional soldier hired to fight for a foreign country....
    mercenary ( Hessians German mercenaries)
  23. An overall plan of action...
  24. A meeting...
  25. fights who weaken the enemy with surprise raids and hit-and-run attacks.
  26. who were people loyal to Britain...
  27. Native Americans supported both....
    Patriots and British
  28. Which army was larger and better trained?
  29. British hires who to fight for them...
  30. What two battles does Washington win?
    Battle of Trenton and Battle of Princeton
  31. What Battle does Washington lose?
    Battle of Long Island
  32. Once the army starts to win their battles....
    the army troops have greater confidence.
  33. Why didn't the British plan to cut of New England work?
    Gen. Howe and St. Leger failed to meet Burgoyne's troops at Albany leaving him with inadequate forces and supplies
  34. When Britain fails to isolate New England who begins to assist America?
    European nations
  35. What was the battle turned the tide in the Rev. War?
    Battle of Saratoga.... others assisted the Americans
  36. The coastal lands would give Britain control over .....
    landing supplies and troops
  37. A Loyalist who left Boston to study overseas and went to England...
    John Singleton Copley
  38. A woman who dressed like a man and fought in the Continental Army...
    Deborah Sampson
  39. The general who defeated the at Brandywine...
    General Howe
  40. Patriot who said "no taxes without legal representation....
    Samuel Adams
  41. The General who captured Fort Ticonderoga
    Gen. John Burgoyne
  42. Who tricked the British Army and led an attack on Freeman's Farm?
    Benedict Arnold
  43. What country prevented Britain from attacking from the south west
  44. Who transformed the army into a skilled fighting force
    Baron on Steuben
  45. Who built the Wilderness Road which led to Kentucky
    Daniel Boone
  46. Who raised money to capture outposts on the Western Frontier?
  47. the treaty of Paris the U. S. western boundary was the ... and all land given back to Loyalists.
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