SOTW Modern Ch. 22-25 Test

  1. Indian political figure who used boycotting to get rid of the British in India?
  2. ?Where was the Easter Uprising?
  3. What group in Ireland did not want the Irish to rule themselves? and why?
    The Protestant Irish people didn't want Ireland to rule themselves because most of the Irish people were Catholics and they were afraid that if the Irish were aloud to rule themselves that the Protestant Irish people would be persecuted.
  4. Where did the Protestant Irish people live?
    • Ulster
    • In the northern part of Ireland
  5. What happened to the country of Ireland after the Easter Uprising?
    Great Britain let the Irish people govern themselves similar but they had to remain loyal to Great Britain (just like the Canadians). They Ulster area of Ireland in the northern part of the country remained under British rule.
  6. Who took over Russia and what did the country become?
    Lennin took over Russia and later Stalin.  The country was called the Soviet Union or the USSR
  7. What kind of government and political philosophy did the Soviet Union have?
    They were Socialists/Communists
  8. Who were the three main countries/leaders responsible for writing the Peace of Versaille?
    • U.S.A. - Hoover
    • Great Britain - Lloyd
    • France - Georges Clemenceau
  9. What does the term "boycott" mean and how did the term come about?
    boycott means when you don't buy from or work for somebody because you don't like what they are doing.  It was named after Charles Boycott.  He was an English landlord. His Irish employees would not work for him anymore.
  10. The group Sinn Fein were from what country?
  11. What did the group Sinn fein want?
    They wanted Ireland to govern itself
  12. Who was Patrick Henry Pearse?
    he was the Irish man who led the Irish rebels to take control of the post office in Dublin
  13. Who won the Easter Uprising?
    The British squashed the rebellion.  BUT the British made the Irish and British citizens angry with how they treated the rebels after they were arrested
  14. What did Sinn Fein do in response to losing the Easter Uprising?
    They set up there own government/country called the Irish Assembly and made there own army to fight against the British called the IRA (Irish Republican Army)
  15. Who ruled India
    Great Britain
  16. What did the Indian citizens want?
    They wanted to be independent from Great Britain and govern themselves
  17. Why were the Indian people unhappy with the British?
    The Indian citizens were poor and were servants, nannies, cooks to the British people who lived in India. The British people in India were wealthy.  They Indian people didn't want to have masters/mistresses
  18. What was the name of the group that was unhappy with India being governed by the British? Who became the leader of that group?
    • The Congress Party
    • Mohandas Gandhi
  19. How did Ghandi fight back against British rule in his country of India?
    No Violence.  He fought back peacefully mainly by boycotting.  He told the Indian people to take their kids out of the British schools, stop buying British goods, stop working for British employers.
  20. What happened in Amristsar when the Congress Party people gathered to protest at the Golden Temple?
    They were shot by the British Army
  21. What did the British government do to Ghandi?
    They kept putting him in jail
  22. What did the British finally decide to do about India?
    They decided that it was too hard to govern and they slowly started giving them their independence, but it took 30 years before India was completely free from British rule.
  23. Who was at the Peace of Versailles but didn't get what he wanted?
    The Italians
  24. What did the Italians want at the Peace of Versaille and why did they think they were going to get it?
    They wanted all of the land around the Mediterranean to be part of Italy.  They thought that they would get it because Great Britain promised them this land if they entered the war.
  25. Where did the leaders meet to write the Peace of Versailles?
    • Versaille, France
    • right outside of Paris
  26. What did the Peace of Versaille do?
    • Set up the League of Nations
    • Germany had to pay money
    • Split up land into smaller countries and rearranged the whole map
    • It punished the Ottoman Turks by taking away most of their land. They were no longer an empire. They only were left with the small country of Turkey
  27. What did Woodrow Wilson (the president of the United States) want to accomplish at the Peace of Versaille?
    • He wanted all the countries to agree to make their armies and weapons smaller
    • He wanted every nation to govern itself independently
    • He wanted to form the League of Nations
  28. Why did Great Britain not want to make Germany pay too much money in the Peace of Versaille?
    They were afraid that Germany would be friends with Russia and that the communist form of government would gain power in Germany just like in Russia
  29. Did the United States join the League of Nations after the Peace of Versaille? Why or Why Not?>
    No, they did not join the League of Nations because the Congress did not want them to.
  30. How was Germany after the First World War?
  31. Who were the "White Russians"?
    They were the Russians that remained loyal to the czar and tried to get revenge for Nicholas II being assasinated.
  32. Who did the "White Russians" fight against?
    They fought against the "Red Russians"
  33. Who won the civil war in Russia?
    The Red Russians who were the Communists under Lenin
  34. What did Russia become after their civil war?
    A totalitarian state
  35. What is a totalitarian state?
    It is a state in which there is only one political party so the people don't have a choice of another political party
  36. Why did Lenin not get to rule Russia for long after he won the civil war?
    He had a stroke.
  37. Who took over Russia after Lenin?
    Joseph Stalin
  38. What does Joseph Stalin's name mean?
    Stalin means 'steel" because he was hard as metal
  39. What did they do with Lenin's body when he died?
    It is on display in Red Square in a glass coffin
  40. What did Russia become?
    The Soviet Union or the USSR
  41. The Soviet Union was a "communist" country.  What is "communism"?
    The government controls and owns all means of production: factories, farmlands, buildings, everything.  The government decides who gets what.
  42. Where did all the food go that the farmers and peasants were producing in the Soviet Union?  Did the farmers and peasants like this arrangement?
    They got to keep a small portion that the government decided they could have and the rest of the food went to a common stockpile.  They did not like theis arrangment because they didn't get to own their own field and almost all of the food went to the government. The government forced many farmers to go to work in factories instead of be farmers.
  43. When the people didn't want to work on the communal farms what did Stalin do to them?
    Sent them to work camps
  44. What were the work camps in the Soviet Union called?
    The Gulag
  45. Why were the people starving in the Soviet Union (Russia)?
    Because there was a drought and there was not as much food being produced, but Stalin was still making the people send the grain and food to the stockpile in Leningrad.
  46. Why were the Italian people mad?
    • They were poor
    • They didn't get the land they wanted in the Peace of Versaille
    • They thought there government was weak
  47. How much land did the Italians get in the Peace of Versaille?
    9,000 square miles
  48. Why did the British not want Italy having much of a say in the Peace of Versaille?
    They didn't trust Italy because they had made the triple alliance treaty with Germany and Austria before the war started.  Even though they entered the war on the side of the Allies later, the other countries still didnt really trust the Italians.
  49. What group was able to take over in Italy and who ended up being the leader of that group?
    • The fascists took over Italy.
    • Their leader was Benito Mussolini.
  50. What did the fascists party believe?
    • The state or government is more important than individual people
    • You should be most happy "serving" the state
    • The government should be strong
  51. What were the fascists called and why were they called this?
    They were called "Blackshirts" because they wore black shirts
  52. How did Mussolini take control of Italy away from the King, Victor Emmanuel III?
    Mussolini got a large group of fascists rebels to march into Rome to try to take over the capital, but they didn't even have to fight because the king, Victor Emmanuel, was so afraid of a civil war that he did not even call the army and just gave up. Victor Emmanuel made Mussolini the Prime Minister, but really he was a military dictator and ruled the country.
  53. What weapons did the fascists have when they marched into Rome?
    pitchforks, hoes instead of guns
  54. Who were the main people in the fascists party in Italy?
    poor peasants, farmers
  55. Who ruled Egypt?
    Great Britain
  56. What was the Egytian leader called?>
    The khedive
  57. Who was Abbas II?
    He was the khedive (leader) of Egypt.
  58. Why did Great Britain tell Egypt that they could not have anything to do with the Ottoman Turks?
    Because the Ottoman Turks had joined the war on the side of the Central Powers (Germany) and Great Britain wanted Egypt to be on the Allied side.
  59. How did Great Britain try to make the Egyptians stay loyal to Great Britain?
    They declared martial law in Egypt so that the British military ran the government in Egypt
  60. When the British declared martial law in Egypt where was Egypt's leader (khedive)?
    He was getting better from being shot when someone tried to assasinate him.
  61. Why did Egypt feel loyalty towards the Ottoman Turks?
    most egyptians were Muslim and so were the Ottoman Turks
  62. When Abbass II did not go back to Cairo, Egypt what did the British do?
    They said that he was on the side of the Ottoman Turks and removed him from power. Then they made Egypt a protectorate of Great Britain.
  63. After the war when the Egyptian patriots tried to meet with the British to try to get their freedom again what did the British do? What resulted in Cairo?
    they arrested the Egyptian patriots. The Eyptians got very mad and started rioting in the streets of Cairo and the people in Egypt boycotted by not going to work.
  64. What did Great Britain do about Egypt after the fighting ended?
    They gave Egypt their freedom because they realized that they could not make Egypt be part of the British Empire if they didn't want to be.
  65. What kind of government did Egypt have after Great Britain gave them their freedom?
    • They had a King Fu'ad I
    • They had a constitution
    • They had a parlaiment
    • They became a constitutional monarchy
  66. Why did the British occupy Egypt even after letting them have their freedom?
    To stay in control of the Suez Canal
  67. Who was Mao Zedong (Tse-tung)?
    He was a young teacher who founded the CCP or Chinese Communist Party in China.
  68. Who did Mao Zedong fight against in China?
    The Nationalist Party which is also called the Kuomintang.  They had their own army called the Nationalist Revolutionary Army. Their leader was Chiang Kai-sheck
  69. What country helped and influenced the Chinese people to become communists?
    • The Soviet Union
    • The Russian Communist Party taught the Chinese about Communism.
  70. Who was ruling in China?
    The Kuomintang or National Revolutionary Army.  Also they were trying to conquer small pockets that were being rulled by warlords.
  71. The Chinese Communist Party thought that they should try to take over China from the Kuomintang, but what did Russia think they should do?
    Russia thought that the National Party (Kuomintang) and the Communist Party in China should become friends to defeat the warlords.
  72. What did the National Party say about the Communist party in China?
    They said that the Communist Party was just helping the Russians to take over China.
  73. What did Mao do?
    He took land away from the rich landowners and gave it to the peasants
  74. When the Kuomintang drove Mao and his followers away where did they go? What was this called?
    The outer western edge of China. mountains. Many people froze, starved and died going through the mountains. This was called the Long March.
  75. Why did the people in China start supporting the Chinese Communist party after the Long March more?
    They started thinking that the Nationalist party was spending too much time fighting against fellow Chinese instead of fighting against Japan who they were afraid was trying to take over more of China.
  76. What was the slogan of the Chinese Communists?
    Chinese don't fight Chinese
  77. READ Chapter 25 Secion 1 again
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