Geo2: Chapter 5

  1. Disturbance
    -short-term physical or biological events that significantly alter ecosystems 
  2. Succession 
    -the process in which plant communties replace one another to a stable endpoint
  3. Primary succession
    -occurs on new land
  4. Secondary Succession 
    occurs after a disturbance
  5. Climax community 
    -The final vegetation type or stage of succession 
  6. Plant adaptions to fire
    • 1. Epicormic shoot
    • -renew trees (Eucalyptus)
    • 2. Crown resprouting
    • 3. Thick bark
    • 4. Germination 
  7. Fire specialists example
    • -Pseudomys mice
    • -live in heathlands which are regenerating after fire
  8. The largest tree
    Giant sequoia
  9. Controlled burning
    -a technique that stimulates the germination of some desirable forest trees, thus renewing the forest
  10. Tornado 
    • a rapidly rotating column of air that blows around a small area of intense low pressure with a circulation that reaches the ground
    • -wind speeds up to 300mph
  11. Hurricane
    • an intense tropical storm with sustained winds exceeding 74mph
    • -require warm water, moist air and converging winds
  12. Flood
    the period when a river overflows its normal channel and covers adjacent land
  13. Flash floods
    local sudden floods caused by heavy rainfall 
  14. Riparian forests 
    -form as corridors along rivers
  15. Alluvial forests 
    tolerant to periodic floods 
  16. Example of tolerance for water-logging
    • Bald cypress swamp
    • -pneumatophores:extend above flood levels and allow the root systems to obtain oxygen
  17. Avalanche
    a mass of snow rapidly falling downslope
  18. Landslide
    a number of different types of slope failure
  19. Lahar
    mud flow that occurs on the slopes of erupting volcano 
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