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  1. Principle of dGPS
    When a known position is used to obtain a unknown position utilising the same satellites.

    • The base station will continually calculate the range to each satellite it can see & compare that range to the Pseudo-Range received.
    • It will compare the 2 and determine a Pseudo-Range Correction for each satellite.

    The PRC is passed to the ship by the radio wave link.

    Has an accuracy to +/-5m
  2. Principle of WAdGPS
    Is a form of dGPS where corrections are received from a network of reference stations established over a wide area.

    This bring the accuracy down to +/-3m

    The corrections are calculated at a central uplink station and are sent to the unit by means of geostationary satellite.
  3. Function of the Fugro Seastar 3100LRS
    Provides a position solution using the 5 nearest base stations

    Receives the GPS signal via a Trimble Antenna

    Receives the PRC via a second Antenna

    PRC is then processed

    Correct position output to the Online System
  4. Fugro Seastar WAdGPS suite of programs
    IOWIN- serial input & output of data

    MRdGPS- multi-reference dGPS. Shows all QC data related to selected base station

    QCPLOT- monitoring various outputs

    ALARM- Issues alarms and warnings
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