World Religions

  1. dogma
    A principle or belief or a group of them held authoritatively
  2. religion
    a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature and purpose of the universe, generally derived from one's culture and which directly informs one's moral responsibilities
  3. monotheism
    belief in one god
  4. polytheism
    belief in many gods
  5. pantheism
    belief in god as a transcendent reality; god as nature; many expressions of the same universal nature of god
  6. deism
    belief in the existence of god through reason; god as a non-personal creator that is indifferent to humanity
  7. atheism
    belief that there is no god whatsoever and the concept of a God(s) is simply a construct of our imagination in a place as a coping mechanism or matter of culture.
  8. agnosticism
    belief that the existence of God is questionable that, at that this point cannot be answered with any certainty and so the position on the matter ought to be one of ignorance.
  9. eschatology
    doctrine concerning final matters such as death, afterlife, rebirth, etc
  10. moksha
    liberation from finite being and experience
  11. atman
    God within; God/omniscientĀ self (Atman-Brahman)
  12. Brahman
    God as all-pervading oneness (pantheisticĀ notion)
  13. yoga
    method of training designed to lead to integration/union with God
  14. samadhi
    mind absorbed into God; synthesis with God
  15. Godhead
    abstract, essential diving nature of God
  16. jnana
    form a yoga - intellectual, knowledge based practice and habit forming through reason
  17. bhakti
    form of yoga - devotion, love adoration of a personified aspect of Brahman to aid in revelation
  18. Karma
    form of yoga - work, cause and effect, action based that can be practiced as jnana or bhakti
  19. raja
    form of yoga - royal path, psycho-physical exercises provide the path to reintegration.
  20. Karma
    the moral law of cause and effect
  21. Brahma
  22. brahmin
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