Spanish verbs (final)

  1. oir
    to listen
  2. limpiar
    to clean
  3. recoger
    to pick up
  4. saber
    to know how to
  5. salir
    to leave
  6. aprender
    to learn
  7. escuchar
    to listen
  8. vivir
    to live
  9. conocer
    to know through experience
  10. lavar
    to wash
  11. marchar
    to go; to function; to work
  12. aceptar
    to accept
  13. permitar
    to permit
  14. dejar
    to leave behind, to allow
  15. preguntar
    to ask
  16. pedir
    to ask for
  17. creer
    to think
  18. prestar
    to lend
  19. romper
    to break
  20. traer
    to bring
  21. llevar
    to carry; to wear; to take (something someplace)
  22. tomar
    to take
  23. tocar
    to play a musical instrument
  24. jugar
    to play a game
  25. comprar
    to buy
  26. perder
    to lose
  27. poder
    to be able (to)
  28. cancelar
    to cancel
  29. cambiar
    to change
  30. vender
    to sell
  31. encontrar
    to find
  32. terminar
    to finish
  33. explicar
    to explain
  34. contar
    to count, to tell (a story)
  35. dibujar
    to draw
  36. herir
    to injure
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Spanish verbs (final)