BIO Ch. 11

  1. prejudice:
    a bias toward a group of people from the observer's mind; it can be positive or negative
  2. What helps establish prejudices?
  3. stereotype:
    group based judgments and are thus many times not accurate when applied to an individual
  4. discrimination:
    any behavior toward an individual based only on the individual’s membership in a particular group, can be positive or negative
  5. difference between prejudice and discrimination:
    prejudice is an attitude, discrimination is action
  6. Why does HIV transmission keep happening with injection drug users?
    clean needles are hard to come by
  7. What program combats people sharing needles?
    needle exchange program; free needles, no questions asked
  8. How much reduction in needle-related HIV cases did the American Foundation for AIDS research achieve with their needle exchange program?
    30% reduction
  9. Why are people reluctant to fund needle exchange programs?
    they don't want it to seem like they're promoting needle drugs
  10. How many needle exchange programs are there in the US?  How many states?
    200 programs, 36 states
  11. Why are teens a particular risk of HIV?
    they think they're invincible and they're really explorative
  12. Why did healthcare people discriminate against HIV+ people before?
    they didn't know much about the disease and were afraid
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