1. disappointed
    1. wrong expression
    2. adv +
    3. verb +
    • 1. completely/totally disappointed
    • 2. very/really/greatly/deeply/terribly/extremely/hugely/desperately/sadly/bitterly (強烈地)/slightly (有幾分沮喪)/mildly (有點兒失望) +xx
    • 3. feel/look/seem/sound + xx
  2. Borrow

    1. 大量借錢
    2. 思想上
    • 1. . x borrow heavily/a lot
    • eg. We borrowed heavily from the bank to start our new biz

    • 2. x freely
    • eg. Their designs borrowed freely/heavily from the architecture of ancient China
  3. Improve
    1. usage
    2. improve + adv
    3. verb + improve ...
    1. no need to add level, implied

    2. improve considerably/dramatically/greatly/marginally/markedly/noticeably/radically (徹底改進)/rapidly/significantly/slightly/steadily/substantially/vastly

    3. continue to/be designed to (旨在提高)/strive/try to improve (努力提高, 企圖改善)/help to
  4. knowledge
    1. usage note
    2. verb + knowledge
    1. no need to add learn, 因英語中根本不存在這個配; 不要在后面加上s, 或只可作單數名詞用

    He has acquired a detailed knowledge of the alien's language over the years

    2. abosrb/assimilate (吸收)/soak up/acquire/gain/accumulate/apply/broaden/brush up on one's xx/demonstrate/display one's xx/flaunt/parade (誇耀)/disseminate/impart (傳授)/share/show off one's xx/spread
  5. 偷聽講電話

    1. usage note
    2. 竊聽行為
    3. 竊聽 俚語
    1. eavesdrop on - 不及物動詞, 加 ON/listen in

    • eg. He hid behind the curtain to eavesdrop on  her phone conversation
    • eg. Do you really think they bother to listen in to us?

    2. phone tapping

    • eg. The secret agent suspects that his phone is being tapped
    • eg. Although phone tapping is a rare occurrence, it does happen

    • 3. bug (v & n)
    • eg. The police have bugged his office
    • eg. You can bug a cell phone just like you would bug a standard telephone by installing a bug in the phone.
    • eg. The police searched the courtroom for bugs
  6. Examination

    1. usage note
    2. verb + exam
    1. take/sit/do/entry for an xx

    2. ace/fail/pass/prepare for/resit/retake/revise for/sit/study for/do badly in x/do well in the x
  7. instruction

    1. verb + instruction

    2. adj + instruction
    1. act on/carry out/comply with/follow/ignore/obey + an xx

    2. clear/firm/further/special/specific/strict + xx
  8. 引起不滿

    1. verb +
    1. cause/lead to/give rise to/breed (釀成)/provoke/stir up/fuel/feel/seeth with (充滿着不滿情緒)/express/voice/stem (遏止) + discontent
  9. 完全康復

    1. standard expression

    2. usage note
    1. completely/fully/gradually/hardly/only just (剛剛復原)/partially/slowly

    be recovered from

    2. for serious disease only, if for common sick

    eg. getting over/shake off

    • eg. I've had a nastly cold, but I'm getting over it now.
    • eg. It seems to be taking me a long time to share off this cold
  10. 呻病

    1. usage note

    2. verb + complaint /病痛

    3. adj + complaint
    1. he said his chest is painful

    He complained of pain in the chest/was complaining of difficulty in breathing

    • 2. complaint
    • Grandma has a minor skin complaint
    • It turned out to be a minor urinary complaint

    3. mild/minor/chronic/common + complaint
  11. 弄熄你的香煙

    1. usage note

    2. 點燃香煙

    3. verb + cigaretter (fags=俚語)
    1. extinguish your cigarette - formal usage

    common usage

    put off/stub out (及物)

    • He put out his x & went back into the cinema
    • She stubbed her x out in an ash tray

    2. light a xx

    He lit the cigarette and then stubbed it out almost immediately

    3. draw on (吸煙)/puff on (抽煙)/pull on (吸煙)/smokes/suck on (吸煙) + a cigarette
  12. 交通擠塞

    1. usage note

    2. adj + traffic

    3. traffic + noun
    • 1. busy/heavy traffice
    • eg. In Central, traffic was already buidling up as early as 3pm
    • Traffic thickens noticeably after 8am
    • Traffic clogs the main street in CWB

    2. constant (持續不斷的車流)/fast-flowing/light (往來車輛不多)/ rush-hour/slow-moving/thick + traffic

    3. traffic + chaos (交通混亂)/ congestion/delays/hazard/hold-ups/jam/queues (車龍)
  13. Discount

    1. usage note
    1. get/entitle/obtain/receive/qualify for/have + a discount

    allow/give/make + a discount
  14. 合理價錢
    1. good/right/attractive/fairer/reasonable/average/bargain/budget/exorbitant (過高)/inflated/prohibitive (使人望而生畏)/steep (難以接受)
  15. 坐飛機

    1. usage note
    1. travel by aeroplane (right but not too formal)

    • Dad never liked flying, it's quicker by plane/by air
    • She took/got the last plane out

    2. catch/get/take/miss/board/get on (登機)/get off (step off) (下機)/fly (pilot) (駕駛) + a plane

    3. fly in/go in/travel in (坐飛機) + an aeroplane 
  16. 執行李

    1. usage note

    2. verb + suitcase
    1. pack 

    I'm leaving tmr, but I haven't packed my suitcase

    pack up = 停止 eg pack up smoking

    2. fasten/open/pack/shut/upack/stuff sth into/fasten/cram sth into (把東西塞進)
  17. 很大決心

    1. verb + determination
    1. be full of/have/lack + determination

    2. absolute/clear dogged (頑強)/fierce/great/grim (堅韌)/gritty (不可動搖)/ ruthless (果斷)/ single-minded/steely (堅強)/strong
  18. party
    1. costume/fancy-dress x (化粧舞會), garden x (遊園會), leaving x (喬遷聚會)
  19. 嚴格規定 - 不容變動; 刻板- 需嚴格導守
    1. hard and fast

    @ In our workshop there is a hard and fast rule again smoking
  20. Door

    1. 關門
    1. slam (shut)/unlock/push open/kick open/fling (throw open) (猛推開)/break open/bang on

    • eg. Kicking open a locked door should only be attempted during emergency situations
    • He went out, slamming the door behind him
    • please dont bang the door
    • Mum stormed out, and the door slammed shut behind her
  21. ability

    1. on academy 

    2. 才能

    3. adj + ability
    1. high/low ability

    • @ the school does nothing for children of high ability
    • @ it is not easy to teach a child of low ability
    • @ according to a research, children of average ability find too much abstraction difficult

    • @ He is a young man of great musical x
    • @ he has got outstanding academic ability

    3. artistic/creative/exceptional/extraordinary/great/inherent (固有)/innate/natural/uncanny (奇才)/limited
  22. 非常出色的

    • eg she is a champion complainer
    • @ my father is a champion cook
  23. 大吵大鬧
    make a scene

    eg Davina really made a scene

    注意, 不同 make THE scene =露面/到場

    eg Will u be able to make the scene?
  24. 可以想像
    • I can picture it
    • I cam imagine
  25. 可惜你看不見
    u shd hv seen Davina at the dress shop yesterday
  26. 退貨, 更換
    take back, take it back
  27. ghastly
    adj, 可怕的, 少用as adv

    eg It is ghastly. I read in the newspaper abt a ghastly murder
  28. 不在乎, 噓聲

    Not give a hoot, not care two hoots.

    eg I could not give a hoot, I dont care two hoots about this matter


    eg the speaker was hooted off tje stage
  29. 形容適合
    it certainly is a good fit. these shoes fit comfortably/are a comfortable fit
  30. 未能決定
    • to have half a mind to do smth
    • to be of two minds
    • to be in two minds

    • eg I hv half a mind to go
    • @ I am of two minds, whether to buy now or wait for six months
  31. 大約xx月之後
    in about six months

    my brother told me that in abt xx months they will be selling PCs with even more powerful chips than the latest ones today
  32. 意見一致
    to be of one mind + on/abt

    • @ The two parties are of one mind on this matters
    • @ We are of one mind abt what to do
  33. You dont say
    idiom, = 不感驚訝, 是嗎!
  34. 趕快做某些事
    run + verb

    • @ run and mail this letter for me please
    • @ I run down to the drugstore ... (+ down= 距離這有一段跟的地方)
  35. dish
    • singular = 一隻碟
    • plural = 泛指碟,杯,碗
  36. 都是一樣, 哪一樣都可以
    • all the same to/with + subject
    • whichever one will do

    • @ If it is all the same with u, I will hv a smoke here
    • @ which restaurant would u prefer? whichever one will do
  37. buy pig in a poke
    idiom, 古時poke= pocket, 不法商人放豬隻在袋內出售, 但以貓化替, so buy pig in a poke = 瞎買東西

    @ i must inspect the hse myself before i sign the contract. i wont buy a pig in a poke
  38. 偶然遇上,撞上
    bump into + someone

    @ I bumped into a friend on my way home
  39. while

    usage note
    • @ 當= u must not watch tv while u are doing yr homework
    • @ as conjunction = 而, 卻
    • she likes cats, while i prefer dogs
  40. 信用卡被盜讀
    credit card skimming

    • @ it looks like u are a victim of credit card skimming
    • @ ur card may hv been skimmed when the waiter took it away. It never occurred to me tht he was an identity thief (盜取資料圖利者 )

    • 或, skim = 略讀
    • @ he skimmed (skimmed through) the report at breakfast
  41. 埋伏而作 (成語)
    to lie in wait

    @ the sneak thief stole into my room, never suspecting tht i was lying in wait for him (sneak thief=鼠竊狗偷)

    • @ sneak, 鬼祟走動
    • he sneaked out of the classroom when tje teacher's back was turned
    • @ when one's back is turned, idiom, = 某人不在時
  42. regret

    usage note
    • @ + gerund/ verb+ing= past event
    • i am beginning to regret signing up with aizcom
    • @ + infinitive = for bad news
    • i  regret to say tht yr appln has not been successful
  43. 明確 (adj) 
    • express 
    • @ the express purpose of his trip was to visit the ancient cathedral
    • @ i told him expressly not to come back
  44. 公用事業
    • 常用複數形式
    • @ with inflation going up, the utilities are set to raise their rates
  45. put + sb + off (pl verb)

    • @ the cockroach in the soup put me off my dinner
    • @ her pride put me off
  46. 三思而后行
    • look before + sb  +leap
    • @ she always looks before she leaps
  47. 拿不定主意
    • to be + seesawing
    • @ I was seesawing between music and art

    (n) 蹺蹺板, 交替上落

    • @ the two children happily went up n down on the seesaw
    • @  the stock mkt is susceptible to the seesaw in oil prices/the seesaw price of oil

    • (  verb)
    • @ short-term interest rates seesawed during the last few months
  48. please yourself

    1. usage
    • 含不滿
    • @that movie is lousy, but if you must see it, please yourself
  49. 挑剔
    • 1. particular, choosy, picky
    • @she is not a very picky eater
  50. variety

    1. usage
    1. if follow by plural, the verb to be in plural as well (if implies 2+types of things)

    • @ there ARE such a variety of cakes and pastries 
    • @ there IS such a variety of cakes
    • this implies one type of thing
  51. 在window 位置/window台上
    • 1. in/by the window
    • @A teddy bear was placed in the bedroom window

    • @at the window
    • 在window 前
  52. 非常高興
    1. be more than pleased/couldn't be more pleased

    @I was more than pleased/I couldn't be more please with her work

    • 1.1  more than xx I can say (a song:I love u more than I can say, 非常之的意思
    • @ I enjoyed the vacation more than I can say

    2. more than welcome/happy

    @You are more than welcome

    3. You will be as welcome as the flowers in May

    @To the farmers, the rain was as welcome as flowers in spring
  53. 探望/到訪
    • 1. Look up
    • @I have decided to look up old friends and I got your details from the college alumni association
  54. won't be

    1. usage
    • 1. will not, future meaning
    • @ I won't be able to come

    • 2. not willing
    • @ Rosa won't go in spite of my entreaties
  55. friends

    1. usage
    1. no longer with friends (must be in plural as this involves two pax) with

    • 2. be friends with sb/to make friends with sb
    • @I have been friends with him for years
  56. 了解/摣悉
    • 1. gather
    • @I gather tha he is against my proposal

    2. Hear of/about

    @ "about" is more detailed than "of"
  57. 感謝/怎樣向某道謝都不足夠/感激不盡
    1. can't thank sb enough/thanks a million/thanks a lot

    @ I can hardly/never thank you enough for his favor

    2. I owe you one/You saved my life

    @Thanks for fixing my computer - u saved my life
  58. 回答別人道謝
  59. 1. Don't mention it/That's OK/all right/You're welcome/I am glad I could help/It's a pleasure/No sweat, Don't worry about it
  60. Basics
    1. 基本事宜, 一般用複數
  61. 戶外
    1. outdoors, mostly in plural, adv

    @The children went outdoors/out of doors to play

    2. outdoor, in singular, adj

    @Our university has an outdoor swimming pool
  62. 收到禮物, 不要挑剔
    1. idiom

    • Don't look a gift horse in the mouth
    • (看牙齒, 知道馬年不年輕, 值不值錢
  63. here we go

    1. usage
    1. 現在開始做某事

    @ Here we go, said the head surgeon as the operations began

    2. 這樣的事又來了

    @Oh, here we go again, she signed when she learned that her husband had lost his job
  64. go

    1. usage
    • 1. to go = 剩下
    • @ there are only three days to go before the conference

    • 2. go = 巳進行多久  
    • @ how has yr pregnancy been going? I'm six months gone
  65. baby 幾時出世
    when is the baby due?
  66. 一直無法打通您的電話
    I have been trying to get through for the last half hour
  67. 最初使用或實行時遇到的困難
    1. teething problems/troubles

    @ I had some teething troubles with the new computer, which was the most advanced model and the design was very complicated

    2. cut one's teeth on sth - 取得對某事的初步經驗 (cut = 割破的意思, 是teeth = 長出牙)

    @ He cut his teeth on debates at high school
  68. 叫人進來
    1. please come in/do come in 

    2. come on in/over - more 親

    @ if you are free this evening, come on over to my place tonight
  69. for

    1. usage
    1. 鑑于, 就... 而言

    • @ There is a lot of rainfall for this time of year.
    • @ For a girl of ten, she eats a lot/eats remarkably little
  70. spend

    1. usage
    1. on sb

    @ He spent a lot of money in educating his son

    2. in sth

    @ he spent a lot of money on his son
  71. countable & uncountable
    1. countable - 指一塊/個

    @ There are five candies left

    2. uncountable - 泛指

    @ Have some chocolate? We will fill it with candy and chocolate
  72. Up
    1. means (不如意事情) 正在發生

    • @ something is up with the computer
    • @ what's up with somebody/something
  73. thumbs
    1. thumbs down

    @ he gave it thumbs down

    2. thumbs up

    @ to receive/get the thumbs up
  74. 1. 搖擺不定, 猶豫不決

    2. 模稜兩可

    3. 反覆不定

    4. 表裏不一, 奸 (兩面交往)

    5. 拖延

    6. 怎樣都可以

    7. 完全不在乎
    1.1  waver 

    @ he is wavering on that commitment

    1.2 dither (n, verb)

    • @ after weeks of dither, he decided to quit his job
    • @ he has been dithering about whether to run for president or not

    2. non-committal 

    @ instead of a definite "yes" or "no" , he gave me a non-committal answer

    3. blow hot and cold

    @ If you keep blowing hot and cold about everything, your staff will never know what to do

    4. double dealing

    @ Don't associate with such a double dealing man

    5. stall 

    • @ he began to stall
    • @he seems to be stalling for time

    6.1  I don't mind one way or the other/another/either way, Either way

    • 6.2 whatever (含不大埶衷)
    • @ whatever you prefer/if that's way you want

    7. I couldn't care less (反話, 俗語以 could care less = couldn't care less)

    @I couldn't care less what kind of car it is
  75. 1. company

    2. 名聲
    1. if a 公司有 "company/corporation" 在它的名, use the 

    • @ We should sue Hallman for breach of contract
    • @ We should sue Hallman Company

    2. reputation/name

    @your company has a really good reputation/name for quality & value
  76. 1. 養育(孩子)

    2. 教養
    1. bring up

    @ I hear that your mother brought you and your sister up single-handedly

    2. upbringing

    @ his behavior shows that he had a a bad/good upbringing
  77. .... 難以言喻
    1.  Too... for words

    • @ That's just too marvelous for words
    • @ The view is too spectacular for words
  78. 1. (對某人/某事) 有重大影響

    2. (對某人來說)没有不同
    1.  make a big difference/make all the difference + to + sb/smth

    @It makes a big difference to her career

    2. to make no difference to sb

    @ it made no difference to her boss whether Sarah got her MBA or not
  79. 白手興家
    1. self-made (ad)

    @ she was a self-made woman who had worked her way up from the lowly position of  restaurant waitress
  80. 眼界大開
    1. eye-opener, eye-opening

    • @ the fact presented in the conference were an eye-opener for him
    • @ living abroad for some time is always eye-opening
  81. call it a day
    1. 終止做某事, 到此為止

    @ as the cooperation project was not fruitful, we suggested to our partner that we should call it a day
  82. to be on the safe side/ to play it safe
    @ the journey was not expected to cost more than 5K, but I took 8K just to be on the safe side
  83. 不嘗試
    1. give it/smth a miss

    @ I think I'll give it a miss
  84. 隨身帶
    1. on + sb

    • @ do u hv yr credit card on u?
    • @ I  haven't got a cent on me
  85. 依本子
    1. by the book

    to + verb + by the book, to go/play/do 

    • @ You can't blame hi for doing everything by the book
    • @ Our boss always goes by the book
  86. appal (verb)
    1. pall = pale (使蒼白)

    • @ the whole situation is really appalling
    • @ we are appalled by the scenes of abject poverty in mainland China
  87. 迎接新年
    1. to see in the New Year, to let in the New Year, to welcome (in) the New Year

    @ I was so tired last night that I did not stay up to see the New Year in.
  88. Lucky + sb
    1. 表示羨慕人家好運

    @ she received an enormous fortune when her aunt died.  lucky her

    2. 表示不幸

    @ Jimmie was caught speeding on the highway.  Oh Lucky him
  89. xx 說不出話
    1. speechless with xx

    @ he was speechless with anger to find himself betrayed by his subordinates

    @ she was speechless with joy
  90.  足夠分配
    1. go round/around

    • @ there aren't enough cups to go round
    • @ we have plenty of wine to go round a party of twenty people
  91. 保持鎮静
    1. 喻指人處在困難時刻, 仍能保持冷静, 明知和具有正確的判斷力

    • @ Mr Wells can keep his head in any emergency he is never likely to panic
    • @ he works well when he's by himself, but he finds it hard to keep a level head when his opponents are attacking him
  92. 非常健康
    1. in the pink (of perfection)

    • @ How am I? In the pink, my dear chap
    • @ I assure you, Madam, she is always the pink of perfection
  93. 從長遠來說 - 畢竟, 終究, 結果,
    1. 源出賽馬, 賽馬者一時可能領先, 但最后勝的可能是另一個比賽者, 相尌是 in the short run

    @ In the long run, it is better to buy a well finished article than a shoddy one
  94. 未定, 懸而未決, 盛行, 流傳
    1. (all) in the air

    • @ Our holiday plans are still all in the air
    • @ the strange story is in the air
  95. 做事不光彩, 玩卑鄙手段
    1. 來自拳擊, 拳手若擊尌方腰帶以下部, 那就要算犯規, 現多用來指一些人不擇手段, 陰險害人

    hit (strike) below the belt

    @ to ask him just now to buy you a fur coat would be hitting below the belt.  You know how hard pressed he is for money
  96. 忙得不可開交
    1.  have one's hands full

    • @ he has his hands full writing three newspaper columns every day
    • @ Dawney answered slowly:"never so happy as when my hands are full"

    2. have a lot on one's plate

    @ he becomes impatient, because he has too much on his plate
  97. 跟某人講個明白, 徹底跟某人解決糾紛
    1. have it out with someone

    • @ I am going to have it out with you about that $5.  I am tired of your nasty insinuation
    • @ He was annoyed by what Paul had said and decided to have it out with him as soon as possible
  98. 碰碰運氣, 試一試, 攻擊, 激烈爭論
    1.  have a go at

    • @ Let's have a go at the work
    • @ my father really had a go at me for losing the money
  99. 轉敗為勝
    turn the tables on sb

    @ on the eve of the election, a mock attempt on his life (遇刺) helped the presidential candidate turn the tables on his opponent
  100. follow up 

    1. usage
    1. follow up +on or no preposition (所處理的事件)

    @pls follow up (on) this matter

    2. follow up + with (處理的事情的方法)

    @ after the job interview, I follow up with a thank-you letter to the interview board
  101. pls provide a copy  

    1. usage
    @ please provide a copy for me or please provide me with a copy
  102. 1. 掌上明珠

    2. 禍根
    1. the apple of one's eye

    @ the little girl was the apple of her grandparents' eye

    2. the apple of discord

    @ she is the apple of discord wherever she appears
  103. 胆小到極, 杯弓蛇影
    afraid of one's own shadow

    @ the young lady does not dare to go out even on moon-light evenings, she is afraid of her own shadow
  104. 1. 亳無頭緒

    2. 亂七八糟, 不協調
    1. all at sea

    @ he is all at sea as to want to do next

    2. at sixes and sevens

    • (最初是五和六的, 后來變化成 sixes and sevens)
    • @ there is a regular shindy/打架 in the house, and everything at sixes and sevens
    • @ we are all at sixes and sevens, cried Weatherley one day in despair
  105. 言過其實
    all one's geese are swans

    @ he always likes to say something as if all his geese are swans
  106. 八面玲瓏, 盡力設法討好所有的人
    all things to all men

    (from bible, "I am made all things to all men)

    @ being a man of world, he is all things to all men
  107. 公開地, 光明磊落, 光明正大
    open and above/above board

    (源出於玩紙牌, 賭徒把手放要桌上, 防止出千)

    @ everything he did was always quite above board
  108. 身體, 心情

    1. 十分健康, 精神奕奕

    2. 非常高興, 快活

    3. 非常健康

    4. 骨瘦如柴

    5. 絶對可靠, 忠誠

    6. 一切順利, 非常健康

    7. 面帶怒容, 臉色陰森
    1. as fit as fiddle 

    • (fiddle/小提琴, sound like fit)
    • @ the doctor pronounced her (as) fit as a fiddle

    2. as merry as a cricket

    • (cricket/蟋蜶, 叫聲動聽, 人們認為是幸運的事)
    • @ though I am poor, I am as merry as a cricket

    3. as sound as a bell

    • (bell, 會發出美妙的響聲, 比若人没有病)
    • @ her constitution was sound as a bell, illness never came near her

    4. as lean/thin as a rake

    • (rake/草耙)
    • @ the old man was as lean/thin as a rake

    5. as true as steel

    • (steel, as strong)
    • @ he is one of my oldest friends and is as true as steel whatever happens

    6. as right as rain

    • (rain, sound like right)
    • @ I am as right as rain though I am sixty-four of age
    • @ there's nothing wrong with the goods, they are as right as rain

    • 7. as black as thunder
    • @ I am done, though Robinson, there he is as black as thunder
  109. 1. 兩全其美

    2. 吃喝玩欒, 悠游的生活

    3. 安欒窩, 稱心如意的境遇
    1. the best of both worlds

    @ it is impossible for him in dealing with the matter to make the best of both worlds

    2. beer and skittles

    • (skittle/保鹶球)
    • @ Life is not only beer and skittles

    • 3. a bed of roses
    • @ It was by no means a bed of roses
    • @ Compared with what I used to be, I am now on a bed of roses
  110. 1. 認錯目標

    2. 白費氣力

    3. 自寻煩惱, 自找苦吃
    1. bark up the wrong tree

    (這成語原指貓巳爬到另一棵樹上, 而狗還在前一棵樹下狂吠)

    @the enemy search the woods for the undergrounder but barked up the wrong tree.

    2. beat the air

    @you are like don in your actions.  All you are doing is to beat the air.  Try to be practical

    3. burn one's finger


    @ it was too late for him to regret as he had burned his fingers
  111. 嚇了一跳
    be taken aback

    @ they were greatly taken aback by the news
  112. 最高榮譽
    blue ribbon


    @ they did their best to keep the blue ribbon of the trade
  113. 博得滿場喝彩
    bring down the house

    (表示掌聲震坍房子, 比諭戲劇, 現在巳不限於戲劌了)

    @ the comedian brought down the house.  He reminded people of the famous Dan Leno
  114. 正直, 清白無辜
    clean hands

    • @ he retired from office with clean hands
    • @ you come out of Court with clean hands
  115. 奉承某人, 獻媚
    dance attendance on someone

    • (dance, 表示一副怟頭腰)
    • @ he is dancing attendance on her
    • @ I cannot be always dancing attendance on you, it is time you try to do things by yourself
  116. 入鄉陏俗
    do in Rome as the Romans do

    @ I know you have egg and bacon for breakfast at home, but now that you are on the Continent you will do in Rome as the Romans do and take coffee and rolls
  117. 精疲力竭, 窮困潦倒
    down and out

    (比喻來自拳擊, 拳擊手被對手擊倒, 不能在數完數前起, 就疲判失敗而不能再比賽)

    • @ you don't realize, I suppose, that I am down and out
    • @ the man was obviously down and out, so we gave him a meal and six pence
    • @ Smith was down and out in the first round
  118. 滯銷貨
    drug on the market

    @ a lot of products they produced is a drug on market.
  119. 收回前言, 認錯道歉, 自食其言
    eat/swallow one's words

    @ after all his boasting that he would rive the other company out of business, Mr Agnus had to eat his words for the other company flourished ore than his did
  120. 愛上, 迷上, 上當受騙, 信以為真
    fall for

    • @ it looks as though he were falling for your sister
    • @ we must not fall for such nonsense
  121. genteel
    1. genteel poverty

    • 冒充上流的; 附庸風雅的
    • @ He lived in genteel poverty
  122. 盡一切可能的辦法
    at one's command

    • @ he assisted me in every way way at his command
    • @ I haven't got a cent at my commend
  123. 1. 自以為弓不起

    2. 難對付/難纏的人
    1. throw one's weight

    2. an ugly customer

    @ the popular singer became unpopular after she began to throw her weigh around.  People say that she is an ugly customer

    People say = 人們說, 據說, 也可用they say
  124. 1. 犯不着, 有損某人的身份
    be beneath sb

    @ it is beneath her to use drug as an escape mechanism, I know her slightly
  125. 1. 特別注, 堅持去做某
    make a point

    @ I always make a point of remembering my wife's birthday
  126. 1. 不吃香, 不受歡迎

    2. 位受珍, 倍受青睞
    1. be at a sad discount

    2. be at a great premium

    @ such books are more at a sad discount than at a great premium
  127. 1. 對過去所發生的事的猜測, 諒必, 說不定巳經

    2. 一筆很多的錢

    3. 瞞着
    1. must have

    2. a small fortune

    3. hold out on sb

    @ those jewels must have cost him a small fortune, he has been holding out on me
  128. 1. 輕而易舉的事

    2. 滯銷商品
    1. a duck soup

    2. a drug in the market

    @ selling sneakers is duck soup for me, but these shirts are now a drug in the market
  129. 1. 通曉
    1.  know a thing or two about

    @ To my joy, my daughter knows a thing or two about Italian

    (使我感到高興的是, 我的女兒對於意大利語還很孰悉
  130. 1. 被騙

    2. 太... 以致不能

    3. 聽之任之不予處理
    1. have been had

    2. too ... to..

    3. remain undealt with

    @ you have been had, the problem has became too serious to remain undealt with
  131. 1. 假惺惺地哭

    2. 在某人身上討便宜
    1. weep over an onion

    2. cash in on sb

    @ Stop sweeping over an onion, don't try to cash in on me
  132. 1. 對... 極具(不具) 影響力
    1. weigh heavily/little with

    @ the judge's remarks weighed heavily with her
  133. 1. 必須, 應該, 有必要

    2. 承認某人的長處
    1. have (got) to

    2. hand it to sb

    @ you've really got to hand it to him, he is hardworking in all he does
  134. 1. 算是

    2. 底細
    1. by way of

    2. number

    @ Mr. Henry is by way of being an artist, I got his number
  135. word

    1. give sb one's word

    2. give the word to

    3. tell sb in so many words

    4. exchange words with...
    1. 擔保, 保證

    @ I gave her my word that I would be back inside an hour

    2. 下令要.....

    • 3. 直截了當地告訴某人
    • @ We told the ambassador in so many words that his government must be made responsible for it.

    4. 與.. 爭吵 (word 為複數)
  136. 1. 最新款式
    1.  be the last wotrd in smth

    @ the last word in style, the last word in science
  137. 1. be on the fire

    2. forbear to

    3. go into details
    1. 討論中, 正在審議中

    2. 不準備

    3. 談具體細節
  138. 1. 乞求於人

    2. 廣告
    1. go begging 

    2. bush - 酒占招牌常用常青滕娤飾, need no bush, 喻不需做廣告

    @ Things of real worth never go begging, so good wine needs no bush
  139. A pair

    1. usage
    1. pair - can be plural or singular

    • @ A pair of shoes is/are under the bed
    • @ That pair of shoes sells at $380
  140. After

    1. usage
    1. 1 有明顯時間的意思, 在說過去的事, 可用simple past, perfect past tense or simple present

    • @ The airport police surrounded the hijacker plane after it had landed
    • @ The airport police surrounded the hijacker plane after it landed

    1.2 for future things : can use present or  present perfect tense

    @ I will go home after I see/have seen him
  141. epidemic
    1. (N), 流行病, 時疫

    @ an epidemic of hepatitis 肝炎的流行

    2. (a) 流行性, 傳染的

    @ Buying goods on the installment plan has become epidemic in recent years.
  142. fraternal
    1. (A) 兄弟的; 兄弟般的

    @ fraternal love 

    2. (A) 手足之情友好的, 友愛的

    @ We sent our fraternal greetings to the conference. 我們向會議致以友好的問候。
  143. veteran
    1. 老兵; 老手; 富有經驗的人[(+of)]

    • @ There are millions of American veterans from the Second World War.

    2. similar meaning words

    @ experienced, practiced, sophisticated
  144. add value
    + for

    @ Our aim is to add value for our shareholders, customers and the community through a commitment to excellence in product quality and service delivery as well as a continuous focus on sustainability and the environment.
  145. acclaimed
    1. (A) 受到讚揚的

    • @ a highly acclaimed novel
    • @ Our development projects are widely acclaimed and have won many awards
  146. amid
    1. prep. 介係詞, 在...之間; 在...之中

    @ We lost our companions amid the storm and the darkness

    @ Our properties are all situated in exceptional locations along mass transportation routes, many of them in unparalleled waterfront settings or amid lush green open space.
  147. arrive
    1. intransitive verb, cannot follow by a noun

    • in - small place, on - large place
    • @ to arrive on the airport
    • @ to linve on the island 

    2. home, here, there - are adverb, not noun, no need to add "to, in"etc.  But if my home, it becomes a noun, need add "at" 

    • @ when i arrive home, my wife refused to let me in
    • @ when I arrived at my home, my wife refused to let me in
  148. appreciate
    1.  is a transitive word, need to follow by a noun & NOT "THAT"

    • @ We appreciate Bush calling us ROT
    • @ We appreciate Bush's calling us ROT
    • @ I would appreciate it if you could help

    sentence 2 is better than 1 but normally most use sentence 2 and can simplify it as

    @ Appreciate Bush calling us ROT

    2. if appreciate means "ünderstand", then it becomes intransitive verb & can follow by THAT

    • @ I appreciate that it is difficult
    • @ I appreciate your difficulty

    But use ünderstand, realize are much better
  149. any
    1. can follow plural or singular noun, countable or uncountable nouns

    • @ Do u have any water
    • @ Do u have any friends in Macau
    • @ If you breach any rules, you will be terminated

    the above are in general meaning.  If 意指任何一個, 則用singlar

    • @ Any dictionary will do
    • @ Any student in my class can answer the questions
  150. any of
    1. can use plural, singular, uncountable nouns & follow by "the, this there, that, his, my them, us.."
  151. and
    • 1. use when involves more than 2 nouns
    • 2. special attention on complicated nouns eg. Mrs & Mr Chan, Primary & secondary school - treat as ONE noun

    • @ Mr Chan and Mr and Mrs Chan
    • @ kindergartens and primary and secondary schools
  152. Get 

    1. get along
    2. get at
    3. get back at
    4. get down to 
    5. get on
    6. get over
    7. get through 
    8. get with
    • 1. 相處得來
    • @ somehow I never seem to be able to get along with my sisters

    • 2.1 暗示
    • @ what are you getting at? please don't tell me you want to borrow money from me again
    • 2.2 指責 批評
    • @ My teacher is always getting at me
    • 2.3 拿得到
    • @ Mom hid the comic books so we could not get at them

    • 3. 報復
    • @ I have been waiting for a chance to get back at him

    • 4. 認真對待
    • @ after summer break I will have to get down to some serious study for my TOEFLexam

    • 5.1 = get along
    • @ he doesn't get on with his parents
    • 5.2 在工作上的進展
    • @ in order to get on, you have to learn how to socialize with your boss

    • 6.1 get to the other side
    • @ the dog tried to get over the fence and into the yard
    • 6.2 recover from
    • @ it takes time to get over the sudden departure of a loved one
    • 6.3 deal with it successfully 
    • @ I will be able to take a rest once I have got over the busy period in the evenings
    • 6.4 make other people understand
    • @ the government tries to get the message over to young people that drugs have the potential to ruin lives

    • 7.1 finish
    • @ I have to get through all the work as fast as I can
    • 7.2 = get over, make other people understand
    • @ I cannot seem to get through to him how urgent this is 
    • 7.3 contact someone by phone
    • @ I rang her but could not get through
    • 7.4 overcome
    • @ If the company can get through this difficulty, it might be able to survive 

    • 8. follow the trend
    • @ Mike really needs to get with it.  He's still wearing bell-bottoms.
  153. put

    1. put aside
    2. put away
    3. put back
    4. put behind
    5. put down
    6. put forward
    7. put in
    8. put off
    9.put on
    10.put out
    11.put up
    12.put up with
    • 1.1 放在一邊不考慮
    • @ he put aside his research work to spend more time with his family
    • 1.2 save
    • @ we should put a little money aside for a rainy day

    • 2.1 收好
    • @ he put his tools away and left
    • 2.2 = put aside
    • @ I put some money away in case I need it urgently

    • 3.1 to be delayed
    • @ the game has to be put back an hour
    • 3.2 放回原處
    • @ put the books back on the shelf

    • 4. 拋諸腦后
    • @ they put their difference behind them and started working together

    • 5.1 @ he put the monitor down and went out
    • 5.2 @ she put down onto paper whatever came into her head
    • 5.3 killed painlessly
    • @ the dog was put down by the Animal Control Unit
    • 5.4 奚落或批評別人
    • @ she always put down her boyfriend, but he didn't seem to get upset

    6. @ he put forward a very persuasive argument in the meeting

    • 7.1 @ the baby put her thumb in her mouth
    • 7.2 提出
    • @ the union members have put in a claim for a 5% increase for the workers

    • 8. 推遟
    • @ I have to put off my trip until Jan 2004

    • 9.1 @ please put the vase on the table
    • 9.2 @ he put his coat on and went out
    • 9.3 上演
    • @ they put on a play in a temple courtyard
    • 9.4 增磅
    • @ she put on a lot of weight since she moved to America

    • 10.1@ don't put your hand out of the window
    • 10.2@ don't forget to put out the light
    • 10.3 inconvenience
    • @ I can make the bed myself, I don't want to put you out

    • 11.1 @ he put up a shed in the garden
    • 11.2 accommodate 
    • @ would you be able to put me up for a few nights

    • 12. tolerate
    • @ I can't put up with your arrogance anymore
  154. go to the wall
    1.  那間公司的財政陷

    @ his company went to the wall two years ago, saddled with a debt of about 10 million dollars
  155. have a screw loose
    1. 跟物件可以鬆螺一樣, 意思是神經不大正常

    @ he has had a screw loose ever since his wife left him
  156. in a rut
    1. (N), 車子經過后留下的輪印, in a rut = 指每天對着同樣的工作, 或是一件事陷入墨守成規

    @ Tom feels he is in a rut and wants to switch careers
  157. 在光天化日之下去做
    1. in broad daylight

    @ George was robbed in broad daylight just one block awya from the police station
  158. 十拿九穏
    1. in the bag

    @ just do what we have been practicing and this match is in the bag
  159. 指某人或某事很受歡迎
    1. make a hit

    @ a writer never knows whether his new book will make a hit
  160. 那人不需要怎麼工作, 能過着舒服的日子
    @ Mike has inherited ten million dollars and is on easy street
  161. 精柛不好 身體不舒服
    1. off colour

    @ What's the matter? Are you a bit off color or are you just feeling a bit blue?
  162. 狼吞虎嚥
    1.  pig out

    • @ Let's go to the restaurant and pig out
    • @ I am starving. Icould eat a horse
  163. search me
    1. 考起我了, 不知道該問題的答案

    @ Search !  I really don't know where she is
  164. easy mark
    1. 指一些容易相信別人而常上當或被人攻擊的人

    @ when those hustlers find out it is your first visit to Shenzhen, you become an easy mark
  165. sticky finger
    1. 手腳不乾淨, 有偷竊的習慣

    @ the boy has sticky fingers, so watch your belongings at all times
  166. toe the line
    1. 用腳尖踮着線, 不敢越雷池半步, 小心謹慎的按慣例行事

    @ the teacher rewards those who toe the line and punish those who don't
  167. frame up
    1. 設計或構想出人個架構, 或做證據來陷害別人

    @  the infamous dictator ordered his men to frame p and executive political opponents
  168. 不要說, 大吉利是
    bite your tongue
  169. 你先請
    • 1. after you
    • 2. behind you
  170. 形容一個人追求卓越, 遠大的理想
    1. shoot for the stars

    @ Look, there are people like Ross who need to shoot for the stars..  Other people are satisfied with staying where they are
  171. 不要輕易放棄
    don't give up without a fright
  172. 不要透露, 不要說出去
    don't breathe a word of this to anyone
  173. 你明白我說什麼
    • 1. do I make myself clear
    • 2. do you follow
    • 3. do you get the picture
    • 4. do you get my drift
  174. 開反了
    • @ dig in
    • @ dinner is served
  175. 可否載我一程
    could I have a lift
  176. 快來吃反
    1. come and get it
  177. 不太舒服
    been under the weather
  178. 真的考起我
    beats me
  179. beat it
  180. raise, arise, rise
    • 1. raise - intransitive word 
    • @ she raised her voice

    • 2. arise - 抽象的東西升上
    • @ an opportunity arises

    • 3. rise - 一件東西升上
    • @ the sun rises
  181. few, a few
    • 1. few - 少, 少得很
    • @ she has few friends in HK

    • 2. a few - 少, 但仍
    • @ she has a few friends in HK
  182. probable, possible
    1. both express possibility, but probable is stronger & show the saying is supported by evidence
  183. 人生自古誰無死
    man is mortal
  184. 謀事在人, 成事在天
    man proposes, God disposes
  185. need not, have to
    • 1. need not - 不需要, 比較含主觀
    • @ You need not work so hard to please her

    • 2. have to - 不必, 是環境決定
    • @ you don't have to work so hard now that you have come into a large fortune
  186. use

    1. take advantage of
    2. exploit
    3. manipulate
    4. use sb to do sth
    • 1. use sb for yr own adv
    • @ older brothers n sisters often take adv of the younger children in a family

    • 2. use sb to get what u want, especially to make $ fr their work
    • @ many employer are only too ready to exploit and underpay female part-time workers make money fr their work
  187. used to

    1.  usage note
    • 1. be used to + gerund 
    • @ she lives on a farm, so she's used to getting up very early

    • 2. used to + sth
    • @ he used to the cold weather. I supposed they used to it
  188. 不消說, 不言而喻
    • 1. go without saing
    • ( xx + that or  it + xx + that)

    • @ You will come as well, that goes without saying 
    • @ it goes without saying that he will never believe you
  189. 對分, 平分
    1. go halves, go fifty-fifty

    • @ If you find the treasure we will go fifty-fifty
    • @ the two children had to go halves on the last piece of cake
  190. 背叛, 出賣
    • 1. go back on
    • @ he would rather die than go back on his friend
  191. 1. 解僱某人

    2. 被解僱
    • 1. give someone the sack
    • (十九世紀, 技工用袋他們的工具和財物, 一旦他們被解僱, 則讓他們把口袋拿走)
    • @ They gave Peter the sack because he came late so often

    • 2. get the snack
    • @ Peter has told his own worker because of the energy crisis they must take a pay cut or get the sack
  192. 1. 給某人白眼, 不理睬某人, 拒絻與某人來往

    2. 助人渡過困難, 助人一臂之力
    • 1. give someone the cold shoulder
    • (cold shoulder of mutton = 冷的羊肩肉, 來對付不速之客, 不值尊敬的客人) 
    • @ I shall not go to that house again, those people are fond of giving others the cold shoulder when they feel irritable

    • 2. give someone a leg up
    • (a leg up = 幫人爬牆, 助人者雙手交連, 讓人蹬在上面, 托他上)
    • @ if you will give me a leg up, I can easily finish the job
  193. 1. 向某人暗示, 示意

    2. 得到某人的暗示

    3. 露馬腳, 洩密
    • 1. give someone the cue
    • (cue 是一句台詞中的最后一個詞來向別的演員暗示該他講話或做動作)
    • @ the general gave soldiers the cue of returning home after the battle ended

    2. take one's cue from someone

    • 3. give the game away
    • (在十七世紀, game 就有trick 的含義)
    • @ He has given away the secret through carelessness
  194. 1. 發火, 惱怒

    2. 觸怒某人, 惹某人發火
    • 1. get the dead needle 
    • (喻裁縫時給針刺了手指, 激動情緒)
    • @ he had got the dead needle to you becase you have been talking about him

    • 2.1 give somebody the needle
    • @ his refusal to admit his mistakes gives me the needle

    • 2.2 get someone's goat
    • (山羊被激怒時會以角向對方攻擊, 引喻某人像被激怒的山羊一般惱火)
    • @ the way he refuses to admit his mistakes gets my goat
  195. 開始上軌道, 開始熟習地工作
    • 1. get into one's stride
    • @ Now I am getting into my stride, I think I can manage to work seven hours a day
  196. 1. 非常便宜

    2. 得不償失, 不值得做的事
    • 1. for a (mere) song
    • (在職業歌唱家出現之前, 有一期, 唱歌不值什麼錢, 賣唱不值錢, 這詞連 go & buy or sell 用)
    • @ It's a lovely picture and by a well-known artist, and yet I bought it for a mere song

    • 2. the game is not worth the candle 
    • (引喻來自玩紙牌, 嬴得的錢還不夠付打牌時照明用的蠟燭錢)
    • @ Giving up keeping poultry, you know the game is not worth the candle
  197. 永久, 一勞永逸
    1. for good and all  (for good)

    @ I am going for good and all
  198. 付帳, 負擔費用
    1. foot the bill (指在帳單下端簽字, 表示負摃付帳, 后引伸為由於別人的過錯而受到責備)

    • @ None of them will foot the bill
    • @ My younger brother stayed out late and woke everyone in the house when he came home.  I had to foot the bill for not bringing him home early with me
  199. 肓目目負, 狂妄自大的人
    1. fly on the wheel

    (源出伊索寓言, 在輪軸上的一隻蒼蠅說: 瞧我掦起多大的灰塵)

    @ he was only a fly on the wheel
  200. 不得其所, 感到無所商從
    1. fish out of water

    @ The old man had been used to working from 6am to 8pm was like a fish out of wter when his firm pensioned him off
  201. 競選,角逐
    • Run for
    • @ I did not run for presidency to fulfil the long-held ambition or because I believed it was owed to me
    • (Owed to me =我應得)
  202. Convenient
    1. Adj

    • 2. +'s'= 便利設施
    • @there are many suitable conveniences inside the conference room
  203. 接受任名
    Take on

    @ I took on the lobbyists in Iowa....
  204. 混水模魚, 乘人之危
    fish in muddy waters

    @ he's always been good at fishing in muddy/trubled waters;he make a lot of money by buying houses that bombed in the war
  205. contract
    1. (n), 合同, (v)  沾染

    @ close the windows, please! Your brother has contracted a cold
  206. toll
    1. (n) 通行費, 使用費; 服務費,損失; 傷亡人數

    • @ the disease takes a disproportionate toll on the poor and communities of color
    • @ If you calculate in this way, it may result in a disproportionate share of money (disproportionate, adj, 不均衡)
  207. 照顧
    1. (vi) minister  + to, care

    • @ He just healed and ministered those in need
    • @ His daughter mastered to him in his last days
  208. 1. very, abundantly, greatly, extremely, abundantly

    • @ It becomes abundantly clear that Christ had a choice
    • @ What you have said was abundantly nonsense!
  209. In peril
    • 1. Noun
    • @ our planet is in peril.
  210. Vindicate
    • 1. Verb, transitive,,=uphold
    • 維護,證明
    • @ ten months later, Iowa, you have vindicated that faith
  211. legacy
    1. (n) 遺產; 遺贈

    @  His uncle left him a legacy of $50, 000
  212. 摔掉
    throw... off

    @ the cowboy was thrown off his horse
  213. 說服
    • 1. talk sb into Ving
    • 2. persuade sb to V

    • @ Ted's friends talked him into climbing the mountain with them
    • @ Ted's friends persuade him to climb the mountain with them
  214. congratulate 

    congratulate sb on

    @ everyone congratulated James on his promotion
  215. 浪費時間從事
    1. waste time V-ing

    @ It's a pity that John wastes too much time watching TV
  216. get to V
    1. 有機會.., 著手

    • @ Did u get to talk to any famous ators when u visited the movie studio
    • @ I hope u get to go to Europe this year
  217. 落后 (進度)
    1. get (way) behind on

    (way = very, vocal)

    @ I have gotten way behind on my schedule
  218. 平淡無奇
    1. uneventful

    @ I have had a pretty uneventual year.
  219. have sb over for d;inner

    • @ We had the present over for dinner
    • @ Nevertheless we are happy to have her over for dinner once in a while if she get tired of eating cafeteria food
  220. 幫某人忙
    1. help sb out

    • @ We should help that poor family out
    • @ It would be my pleasure to help Shuishui out
  221. 請求
    • 1. I have a favor to ask of you
    • 2. I want you to do me a favor
  222. heed
    1. 注意 (vt & n) 

    • @ You should heed my advice
    • @ You should take heed of my advice
  223. 就某人而論......
    1. as far as concerned

    @ As far as Lucy is concerned, all men are idiots (就蘇西而論, 所有男人都是白痴)
  224. 實現夢想
    he was finally getting to live his dream
  225. 很受歡迎
    She had been a big hit with the children
  226. life ..
    the life he led
  227. 那些地方未去過
    some of the cities she hadn't gotten to the year before
  228. 十分重要
    hugely important event
  229. 有好朋友在傍
    a best friend close at hand
  230. 不可計量的快樂
    immeasurable joy
  231. listen
    • X didn't you listen what I said
    • V didn't you listen tow what I said
  232. respectful, respectable
    • respectable = 值得尊敬
    • respectful = 表示敬意, 尊敬的

    • V he is a highly respectable married man
    • V the women kept a respectful silcence
  233. staff
    • x we have 100 staffs
    • V we have 100 staff
    • V we have 100 members of staff

    @ staffs = 木棍
  234. lack
    • X he lacks of money
    • V he lacks money

    • @ lack = verb, 
    • @ if lack = noun, the company was closed for lack of funds
  235. discuss
    • X let's discuss about the problem now
    • V let's discuss the problem now

    • @ discuss - 后面不用跟about
    • @ discussion - 后面跟about
    • @ they had a discussion about our future
    • @ 如果discuss 后有verb, +gerund
    • @ they discussed selling the house
  236. detail
    • @ in detail - NO s
    • @ go into detail - have or have NOT s
    • @ go into the details - must have S
  237. dream
    • X I often dream to flying
    • V I often dream of/about flying
  238. concentrate
    • X please concentrate your work
    • V please concentrate on your work
  239. discuss
    • X let's discuss the problem now
    • V let's discuss about the problem now
  240. concern
    • X he concerns her safety
    • V he is concerned about her safety
  241. complained
    • X she complained the poor service
    • V she complained about the poor service

    • @ vi 不及物動詞 - 抱怨, 發牢騷; 訴說(病痛等)[(+to/about/of)]
    • @ vt 及物動詞 - 抱怨; 控訴[Y][+that]
  242. Advice
    1. 不可數名詞, 不可以加s, a

    • X it is a good advice
    • V it is good advice
    • V let me give you a piece of advice/pieces of advice
  243. every day = everyday?
    @ no, everyday - adjective; every day - noun
  244. As well as = and?
    • @ NO, as well as = preposition, verb after than need + ing
    • - You cannot ingratiate yourself with the dictator as well as preservING your integrity
    • - You cannot ingratiate yourself with the dictator and preserve your integrity
    • @ as well as - K有"不但" 的意思
    • - As well as being a teacher, he is a writer
  245. I started as a personal secretary in 1995, and since 1999 have been secretary to the Managing Director.

    為何第一個 PS 要加 article 但第二個不用
    • @ 如聴位是獨一無二, 不用加article
    • - As (the) publisher of the magazine, he...
    • - The SU collapsed when Reagon was (the) President - 括弧中的the 字一般不寫出來
    • @ 如職位不是獨一無二, 可用article
    • - As a government minister, he is very well paid
    • - As Minister of Finance, he should know

    • @ 但假如是說任職的人, 則要用article
    • - The publisher of the magazine has resigned
    • - The President of the US is probably ...
  246. abbreviation & acronym - 要加 THE?
    • @ abb - 縮寫, 不可以和普通英文一樣讀出來 (KMB, CEO)
    •  - 可加(如名字上有THE) 或不加 (如名字上没有)
    •  - Kowloon Motor Bus/KMB is making huge ..
    •  - The British Broadcasting Company/The BBC operates ....
    • @ acronym - 頭字詞, 可以和普通英文一樣讀出來 (NATO, HKEA = Hong Kong E-A)
    • - 習慣不用the, even 有THE在名稱上
    • - NATO/The North Atlantic Treaty Organisation is ...
  247. five consecutive Tuesday or Tuesdays?
    • @ Monday, Tuesday... countable nouns
    • V I saw him on five consecutive Tuesdays
  248. holiday

    New Year Holiday or holidays?
    • @ holiday  - countable
    • @ for more than one day holidays, use plural
    • @ The summer holidays/New Year holidays (though singular is not wrong)
  249. I am stronger than he (or him)?
    • @ both correct
    • @ than he - in full is: than he is  (grammatically correct, but 拗口)
    •  e.g. I like Mary more than he (likes Mary)
    • @ than him (順口, though old-fashioned grammar not accepted, but may cause confusion)

    • so it is better stict to HE.
    • @ I like Mary more than he (does) 
    • @ I like Mary more than (I like) him
  250. paper - uncountable & countable
    1. paper

    • @as 紙張 - uncountable
    • @論文, 證件 - countable
    • @ Two papers on SARS, identification papers

    • 2. newspaper - countable
    • @ I read three newspapers every day
  251. five-day/days work?
    three daughter/daughters-in-law?
    • V five-day work
    • V three daughters-in-law

    • @  如用複合數字形容詞 (five-day), 用單數
    • @  如有preposition, 複數由名詞表達 (passer(s)-by, daughters-in-law
  252. gift = present?
    • @ yes, but gift is more 莊重
    • @ 亦解作"天賦"
    • -  he had a gift of languages
    • -  she is a gifted child
  253. one... or another = ?
    • @ 表示 "某些", 但這是甚麼, 卻未肯定或不想說出.
    • - For one reason or another, I don't trust him
    • - I declined all the invitation on one pretext or another
  254. person plural = people or persons?
    • @ both are correct
    • @ 有說, 如有提及數目, 用persons (其實倆個亦可)
    • - ten persons, a number of people
    • - there were only ten people/persons
  255. anything you say
    1. 你說午魔都好, 我會做
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