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  1. Analytical Research 
    type of research that involves in-depth study and evaluation of available information in attempt to explain complex
  2. Scientific method
    • Method of solving problems that uses the following steps
    • 1. Defining 2. hypothesis 3. gather data problem. 4 analyzing data 5. interpreting data.
  3. Applied Research
    • Goal: immediate solutions
    • Approach: real-world settings
    • done with a specific question or application in mind
  4. Basic Research
    • Goal: theory- driven
    • Approach: Laboratory 
    • Deals with theoretical concepts, has no immediate concern with application  done just for knowledge 
  5. Independent variable
    The part of the experiment that the researcher is manipulating 
  6. Ecological validity
    • Does the setting have enough of the real-world characteristic to allow generalization to identity
    • the reach setting perceived by the research participant in the way intended by the experimenter 
  7. Experimental research
    type of research that involves the manipulation of treatments in an attempt to establish cause and effect relationships 
  8. Dependent Variable
    The effect of the independent variable also called yield
  9. Hypothesis
    educated guess, expected result
  10. Internal Valididty
    the extent to which the results of a study can be attributed to the treatments used in a study
  11. external validity
    the generalization of the results in a study
  12. Descriptive Research
    • concerned with status
    • to describe the status of the study's focus
    • common techniques are questions, interviews  normative survey, case studies, job analysis , observational research 
  13. primary resource
    first hand source of data in research, original study
  14. Secondary Research
    source o f data in research in which an author has evaluated and summarized previous research 
  15. standard error
    the variability of the sampling distribution 
  16. variability 
    the degree of difference between each individual score and the central tendency score
  17. central tendecny
    a single score that best represents all the scores
  18. Post hoc
    Justification that the sample represents some group at large
  19. Stratified random sampling
    method of stratifying a populations on some characteristic before random selection of sample 
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