Ecology 1 (1)

  1. What is ecology?
    It is the study of relationships of organisms to their environments (biotic and abiotic).
  2. What does the environment (habitat) consist of?
    All surroundings of an organism, both abiotic and biotic.
  3. Give an example of a microhabitat?
    The Sand Darter is an aquatic fish, but is found only in flowing water over sand.
  4. What is the law of tolerance?
    Species will survive within a range of the variation of environmental factors. 
  5. What can happen if there are several shifts outside the range of tolerance?
    • Organisms may die so go extinct from the area until it can re-invade.
    • Survive if a life history stage can withstand the change.
    • Survive if it moves to protected microhabitats.
    • Survive if it migrates.
    • Survive if it can acclimate.
  6. What is acclimation?
    is a gradual change into new environmental conditions.
  7. Describe limiting factors.
    When several variables are important and present, the success of the organisms will depend on the variable present as "too little" or "too much".
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Ecology 1 (1)
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