Art History Europe

  1. List the main characteristics of Medieval Art
    • 500-1300 c.e.
    • most art was religious (jesus, saints, people from Bible, etc.)
    • important figures were larger than others around them
    • little or no sense of movement; figures were stiff
    • most figures were fully dressed
    • painted figures were two-dimensional or flat
    • paints were brightly colored
    • backgrounds were mostly one solid color, usually gold
  2. List the main characteristics of Renaissance Art
    • 1300s - early 1600s (c.e.)
    • were religious and nonreligious scenes
    • art showed a great interest in nature
    • figures: lifelike & three-dimensional
    • art reflected an increased knowledge of anatomy
    • bodies were "moving" and looked active
    • figures could be nude or clothed
    • there were scenes of people doing everyday things
    • paintings often symmetrical
    • full backgrounds show perspective
  3. Compare and Contrast the two lists
    Renaissance artists were more inspired by classical art. Renaissance artists were like classical artists; they sometimes depicted nonreligious scenes. They tried to show lifelike people doing everyday things. They tried to capture images from the "real" world.
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