Art History/Europe

  1. What are the 8 Artistic "Movements"?
    • Early Christian Art,
    • Byzantine Art,
    • Insular Art,
    • Migration Period Art,
    • Islamic Art,
    • Pre-Romanesque Art,
    • Romanesque Art,
    • Gothic Art, and
    • Renaissance Art
  2. What are the defining features of early Christian Art?
    -incorporates Christianity
  3. What are the defining features of Byzantine Art?
    • -popular in Roman Eastern Empire
    • -all people face forward
    • -important people are in the center, are higher, and have a halo or gold background if divine
    • -best pieces were murals and frescoes
  4. What are the defining features of Insular art?
    • -popular in Great Britain
    • -a fusion between Celtic art and Migration Period art of the Anglo-Saxons
    • -large production of books, high crosses, and other Christian art
  5. What are the defining features of Migration Period Art?
    • -art of "barbarians" (non-Greeks?)
    • -from Eastern Europe
  6. What are the defining features of Islamic Art?
    • -the art of Muslim peoples in Islamic Spain and Northern Africa
    • -in religious art there were no living creatures, as the creation of living things was believed to be unique to God
  7. What are the defining features of Pre-Romanesque Art?
    • -romanesque means descended from Romans
    • -in this period, Roman Classical Art shows up in lots of architecture and other art forms
  8. What are the defining features of Romanesque Art?
    • -straighter lines, columns, thick walls, round windows and arches
    • -short, squat structures
    • -first time (since Ancient Rome) Roman forms of architecture are clearly used
  9. What are the defining features of Gothic Art?
    • -the term gothic was first used as an insult, meaning "medieval, barbarous, not classical"
    • -there were pointed arches, ribbed vaults, and flying buttresses
    • -4 main crafts of the Gothic Period:
    • frescoes
    • panel paintings
    • illuminated manuscripts
    • and stained glass
  10. What are the defining features of Renaissance Art?
    • -more realistic than previous art
    • -components that made paintings and frescoes more realistic were the uses of proportion, perspective, shading & lighting
  11. Define:

    picture or decorative design made by small colored pieces of stone, tile glass, etc. set in a surface (usually stone or glass)
  12. Define:

    mural made on a wet plaster wall
  13. Define:

    Islamic region of Spain
  14. Define:

    illuminated manuscripts
    handwritten, decorated text

    Fun Fact!: sometimes gold or silver inks were used
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