W301 Unit 1

  1. Why has it been considered that most of our references to property are unreflective,naive and relatively meaningless?
    According to the Grays, we tend to use the property in regard to the thing that we claim to own. what we really mean by ownership is the collection of rights that are associated with the thing.
  2. What is meant by having a property right?
    Basically, the freedom to do as you wish with the resource concerned.
  3. What is an easement?
    A right enjoyed over land for the benefit of other land such as a right of way.
  4. What ismeant by a Licence?
    Permission to enter land without being classed as a trespasser.
  5. What are the two main categories of property?
    Real Property (Realty) and Personal property (personalty).
  6. What is Real Property?
    Land where the freehold is held by the owner
  7. What category of property does leasehold land fall into?
    it is seen as a hybrid- Chattels Real. it generally is seen to be Personalty.
  8. What type of property does personalty include?
    Leasehold land and chattels
  9. Where would you find a definition of land?
    Law of Property Act 1925 s.205 (1)(ix)
  10. Is the definition of land confined to tangible rights?
    No,the definition given in Law of Property Act 1925 is one that includes corporeal (tangible) rights such as buildings on land and also incorporeal rights like rights of way.
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W301 Unit 1
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