Political Reform

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  1. What were the characteristics of Indians?
    • nomadic 
    • dependent on buffalo
    • tribal 
    • warrior culture
    • resented whites
  2. What the reasons for the defeat of the Indians?
    • Expansion of white settlement
    • government policy(reservations)
    • military action
    • disappearance of the buffalo-major reason
    • Humanitarians
  3. What happened in the Sioux wars battle of little bighorn or custers last stand?
    sioux wipe out cutster's outfit
  4. What was the result of the Battle of Little Bighorn?
    caused americans to demand the sioux be defeated
  5. What the battle of wounded knee?
    • u.s army shot and killed 200 Indians while they were surrounding
    • this ended Indian resistance in the plains
  6. Who was Helen Hunt Jackson?
    • wrote a century of dishonor 
    • wrote about the terrible treatment of Indians from the U.S government
  7. What was the Dawes severalty act? 
    tried to americanize Indians by breaking tribal authority
  8. What happened for Indians in 1924 and 1934?
    • gain us citizenship
    • tribal authority restored
  9. When was the california gold rush? Where were others?
    • 1848
    • Colorado, nevada, dakotas, and later alaska
  10. What was the impact of mining?
    • rise of outlaws
    • conflict with indians
    • demand for statehood
    • mining became big buisiness
  11. What was the cattle boom?
    the biggest economic boom in the west, but only for a short time
  12. What was the long range?
    taking cattle from texas to the railroads
  13. What was the open range?
    Grazing the cattle on public road
  14. Who many of cowboys were black?
  15. What were the problems with ranchers?
    • overstocking 
    • weather 
    • farmers
  16. What were the results of ranchers?
    ranching became big buisiness 
  17. What was the key to white settlement?
    • railroads
    • transportation, land grants access to markets, etc.
  18. Where did transcontinental RR begin?
    Promontory Utah
  19. Who became dependent of RRs? Who built most of them?
    • farmers
    • immigrants
  20. What was the Homestead Act?
    gave 160 acres of land to anyone who would settle and cultivate it for 5 yrs
  21. What were the agricultual advancements?
    steel plow, barbed wire, windmills
  22. What did farmers in west want?
  23. What were the farmers problems?
    • overproduction
    • cashcrops
    • weather
    • rrs
    • hardship of frontier life
    • debt
  24. Who was the only group to survive out west?
  25. What did the Turner Thesis about the Frontier?
    • most important factor in american history 
    • frontier promoted democratic spirt
    • saftey valve theory
  26. What was the safety valve theory?
    allowed people who couldn't make it in the east a place to go 
  27. What was the western legend?
    Americans started to romantize the west
  28. What was the Grange? What did they do?
    • org. of farmers who wanted to do something about the problem with RRs
    • they get the states to pass laws to regulate RRs
  29. What was Wabalsh vs. Illinois?
    supreme court said states could not regulate RRs
  30. What did congress set up in 1887?
    the ICC
  31. Why did the Grange fail?
    • their goals were unrealistic
    • RR companies were too powerful
    • Hurt by Panic of 1873
  32. What was the greenback labor party?
    • demanded that the government use greenbacks
    • big following the panic of 1873
  33. What was the populist platform?
    • unlimited coinage of silver- big issue
    • direct election of senators
    • nationalization of RR, bank and utilites
    • 8-hr work day
    • graduated income tax
    • secret ballot
    • limited immigration
    • term limit for president- 1 four yr term
  34. What happened in the election of 1892?
    • Cleveland defeats Harrison
    • populists win seats in congress
  35. What was Coxey's army?
    unemployed marched on washington
  36. What was the result of Coxey's army?
    made unemployment a national issue
  37. How did the panic of 1893 end?
    J.P Morgan loaned 6.5 mill in gold
  38. Who ran in the election of 1896?
    • rep- Mckinley- major from ohio
    • controlled by Marcus Alonzo Hanna
    • Dem- William Jennings Bryan
  39. What was Bryans speech called? What did it promote?
    • the cross of gold
    • promoted silver issue
  40. What were the results of the election of 1896?
    • Mckinley wins
    • sectional election
    • political importance of farmers
    • changed american politcs- democrats adopt populist ideas
  41. What was the Domestic- Dingley Tarriff?
    raised tariff to an all time high up to that point
  42. What is the definition of the progressive movement?
    reform movement aimed at solving the problems of the industrial revolution
  43. What were the aims of the progressive movement?
    • wanted to restore balance of christian moral values, capitalism, competition, and democracy
    • regulate big business
    • improve labor conditions
    • end political corruption
    • extend democracy
  44. What happened at the Triangle shirt waist factory?
    about 150 young girls are killed by factory fire
  45. Evaluation of Progressive Movement?
    • Was it conservative or liberal?
    • was it socialistic or even facist?
  46. What was one veiw of Progessive movement?
    used the gov. to promote and extend democracy and the general welafare of people
  47. What was the other veiw of Progressive movement?
    beginning of statism
  48. What was statism?
    the gov. control of society- or socialism
  49. What was the foundation and support of the Progressive Movement?
    • Populism(historical base)
    • Intellectuals(Ideological Base)
    • Women(social base)
    • Middle Class(financial base)-key to the movement
    • Journalists(informational base)
    • states
  50. What did Henry James' Pragmastism say?
    truth is relative, not absoulte
  51. What did John Dewy's Pragmatism in Education say?
    "learning by doing"
  52. What did Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr do?
    start of activist court
  53. What did Ida Tarbell write?
    History of standard Oil Comapany
  54. What did Lincoln Steffens The Shame of Citites do?
    exposed political machines
  55. What did Frank Norris The Octupus and The Pit do?
    expose trusts
  56. What did Upton Sinclairs the Jungle do?
    • shows poor working contidions 
    • promoted socialism
  57. Who was the leading progessive and where was he from?
    • Robert "fighting Bob" Lafollette
    • Wisconsin
  58. What did fighting bob want?
    • Direct primary elections
    • state income tax
    • Regulation of RR and trusts
    • secret ballot
    • Initiative, Referendum, Recall
  59. What was social reform in the states?
    states passed laws primarily to help labror
  60. What is Eugenics?
    the science of racial improvement
  61. What was the IWW(international workers of the World or the Wobblies)?
    a radical labor group who preached revolution
  62. What was the big failure of progessive movement?
  63. What was Plessy v. Ferguson?
    made seperate but equal legal
  64. Who was Ida Barnett Wells?
    a newspaper editior and stared a national anti-lynching campaign
  65. Who was revived on the top of stone moutain in 1915? where was it popular? What movie glorified it?
    • KKK
    • all over country
    • Birth of a Nation
  66. What was Teddy Roosevelt's character?
    over-achiever, uncoventional, strongest pres. since Lincoln
  67. What was the Pennslyvannia coal stike?
    • Minors go on stike
    • TR said he would have the gov. take over mines if strike wasn't settled
  68. What was the result of the Pennslyvannia coal strike?
    Roosevelt first pres. not to side against labor in a strike
  69. What did Roosevelt start the break up of?
  70. What happened to legislation under Roosevelt?
    strengthen existing legislation
  71. Who started Federal conservation porgram?
    T. Roosevelt
  72. What was T Roosevelt's legacy?
    educated nation in progressiveness ideas
  73. What was William Howard Taft's character?
    conservative at heart
  74. What happened to trusts under Taft?
    90 trusts are be split up
  75. Who were the Insergents?
    republicans that want more progressive reforms
  76. What was Ballinger-Pinchot affair?
    involved the selling of public land to private companies
  77. What was the result of the Ballinger-Pinchot affair?
    causes a split between Roosevelt and Taft
  78. Who ran in the election of 1912?
    • reps- Taft
    • Dems- Woodrow Wilson- New Freedom
    • Progressives-Bull Moose- TR- New Nationalism
    • Socalist- Eugene V. Debs
  79. What was Wilsons New Freedom Program about?
    • lower tariff
    • reform banking
  80. Who won the election of 1912? What was the big winner?
    • Wilson
    • Progressives
  81. What was Wilsons character?
    idealistic and moralistic
  82. When did Progressive end? 
    world war one
  83. What was the mood after WW1?
    more conservative
  84. What was the Pure Food and Drug Act?
    • set up the FDA
    • promted by the jungle
  85. What was the Underwood-Simmons Tariff?
    • lowered tariff duties 
    • 1st major reduction since civil war
  86. What was the Federal Reserve Act?
    set up national banking system to regulate currency and state banks 
  87. What was 16th ammendment?
    federal income tax
  88. What was 17th ammendment?
    direct election of senators
  89. What was 18th ammendement?
    outlawed manufactoring, buying and selling acohol.
  90. What was 19th amendment?
    woman's suffrage
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