Antibiotics part 2

  1. Aminoglycosides Mechanism of Action
    bactericidal by preventing protein synthesis by binding to 30s ribosomal subunit
  2. Aminoglycosides Indications
    • gram-negative bacteria
    • ~Pseudomonas spp., E. coli, Proteus spp., Klebsiella spp., Serratia spp.¬†
  3. Aminoglycosides Contraindications
    • known drug allergy
    • pregnancy categories are from C to D
  4. Aminoglycosides Adverse Effects
    • nephrotoxicity, ototoxicity
    • headache, paresthesia, fever, superinfection, vertigo, skin rash, dizziness
  5. Aminoglycosides Interaction
    risk for nephrotoxicity can be increased with concurrence use of other nephrotoxic drugs
  6. Quinolones Mechanism of Action
    Bactericidal by altering bacterial DNA
  7. Quinolones Indications
    • UTI- complex
    • Respiratory infections, bone and joint infections, GI and skin infections, STD
    • Anthrax
  8. Quinolones Contraindications
    known drug allergy
  9. Quinolones Adverse Effects
    • prolonged QT interval
    • CNS- headache, dizziness, fatigue, depression, restlessness, insomnia
    • GI- nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, thrush, increased liver function studies
    • Integumentary- rash, pruritus, urticarial, flushing, photosensitivity
    • Other-Fever, chills, blurred vision, tinnitus
    • Black box- tendonitis and tendon rupture
  10. Clindamycin Indications
    chronic bone infections, GU infections, intraabdominal infections
  11. Linezolid Indications
    vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium, hospital-acquired skin and skin structure infections, MRSA
  12. Linezolid adverse effects/ Interactions
    • hypotension,
    • serotonin syndrome, tyramine-containing foods
  13. Metronidazole randome info
    • anaerobic organisms
    • intraabdominal and gynecologic infections
    • protozoal infections
    • severe drug interactions
  14. Nitrofurantoin
    • primarily used for UTI
    • careful if renal function is impaired
    • may cause fatal hepatoxicity¬†
  15. Quinupristin and Dalfopristin
    • IV only
    • VRE and other complicated skin
    • may cause arthralgias, myalgias
  16. Daptomycin
    • IV only
    • treat complicated skin and soft-tissue infections
  17. Vancomycin Mechanism of Action
    bactericidal by destroying the cell wall
  18. Vancomycin Indications
    MRSA- choice treatment
  19. Vancomycin Adverse effects
    • ototoxicity and nephrotocixity
    • Red man syndrome
    • hypotension with rapid infusion
  20. Vancomycin contraindications
    • ensure adequate hydration
    • monitor blood leels
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