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  1. Lincoln's plan for reconstruction
    10% plan
  2. System of agriculture in which a landowner allows a tenant to use land for a share of crops
  3. Amendment prohibits u.s. gov. from denying right to vote based on race, color, or previous servitude
  4. Bill that created plan of reconstruction & re-admittance of confed. states to the union
    Wade-davis bill
  5. Law meant to counteract with the black code
    Civil rights act of 1866
  6. White southern democrats who returned to power after 1870
  7. Someone who went to the north for jobs
  8. Laws that limit the rights of blacks
    Black codes
  9. Gov. agency that helps provide for former slaves
    Freedman's bureau
  10. Amendment that guarantees equal protection under the law for all citizen
  11. This gives presidency to the republicans
    Compromise of 1877
  12. Process of converting to a socioeconomic order in which industry is dominant
  13. This innovation extended hours Americans could work
  14. The post-election practice of rewarding loyal supporters of the winning candidates and party with public offices
    Spoils system
  15. This requires people to take a test before they get civil service jobs
    Pendleton civil service act
  16. Requires all of the paper money in the u.s. is backed by gold
    Gold standard
  17. A system that includes federal jobs
    Civil service
  18. Presidential candidate for the democrats in 1896, loses to mckinley
    William Jennings Bryan
  19. Created by Jews as a response to anti semitism
    Anti-defamation league
  20. Political party started by Roosevelt in the election of 1912
    Progressive party
  21. Allows citizens to remove public office holders from office
  22. Meant to ban the drinking of alcohol, leads to the 18th amendment
    Temperance movement
  23. Election in which citizens themselves vote to select nominees for upcoming elections
    Direct primary
  24. Amendment that states congress has power to lay and collect taxes on income
  25. This person created housing to help immigrants adjust to being in America
    Jane Addams
  26. The right to vote
  27. Allows people to propose a law directly on the ballot in the next election
  28. Allows citizens to approve or reject laws passed by the legislature
  29. Woodrow Wilson's program to place government controls on corporations in order ti benefit small businesses
    New freedom
  30. U.S. statement that the gov didn't want colonies in China, but favored free trade
    Open door policy
  31. Allows the U.S. to approve treaties b/w Cuba & other nations
    Platt amendment
  32. Demands that the U.S. can lease areas in Cuba for military bases
    Platt amendment
  33. Reasons for U.S. imperialism
    Business wanting to sell products overseas.people wanted to save religion in foreign countries
  34. When the U.S. buys Alaska from Russia, later finds gold & oil
    Seward's folly
  35. Nontraditional combat methods
    Guerilla warfare
  36. The belief that certain nations and races were superior to others
    Social Darwinism
  37. What is the result of the 1898 Treaty of Paris?
    U.S. gains control of Cuba, the Philippines, Guam, and Puerto Rico. U.S. gives Spain $20 million
  38. The term for having a strong military to achieve foreign policy goals
    Big stick diplomacy
  39. A rebellion
  40. A region dominated and controlled by an outside power
    Spheres of influence
  41. This person wrote many famous news paper articles during the period of imperialism
    William Randolph Hearst
  42. What is thought of as the start of WWI?
    The assassination of archduke of Austria-Hungary, Franz Ferdinand and his wife, Sophie
  43. Who assassinated Franz Ferdinand?
    The Serbian Blackack Hand Terrorists
  44. The Allies
    France, England, and Russia
  45. The Axis powers
    Germany, Italy, Japan
  46. A proposal made by Germany in 1917 for Mexico to declare war against the U.S.
    Zimmerman note
  47. The movement of African Americans from the South to Northern, Midwestern, and Western cities
    Great Migration
  48. Consequence of the Prohibition
    Organized crime
  49. This industrial demand influenced many other industrial demands in the U.S.
  50. Legal case in Tennessee to forbid the teaching of evolution. Science vs. Religion
    Scopes trial
  51. What two groups of people were culturally split during the 1920's?
    The young and the old
  52. The term for the white Americans who believed they were superior to immigrants
  53. Why did African Americans move north in the 1920's?
  54. Small payments over a long period of time to purchase a product
    Installment buying
  55. Allows people to purchase a lot of stock with little money
    Buying on margin
  56. This provides new affordable goods that become available to the pubic
    Consumer revolution
  57. October 29, 1929-16 million shares of stock were sold and the bottom falls out
    Black Tuesday
  58. Why did banks collapse?
    They wouldn't let people withdraw money because the banks were already in debt
  59. A cause of the Great Depression, farmers couldn't sell their products
    Agricultural depression
  60. During the GD, what was the unemployment rate for blacks?
    Two times the rate of whites
  61. What were Hoover's plans to fix the GD?
    1.) Give $ to small businesses in hopes of more production and consumption 2.) Encourage giving to charities
  62. The 3 R's of the New Deal
    Relief, recovery, reform
  63. This gives money to people who have retired
    Social security act
  64. This person thought wealth should be distributed
    Huey P. Long
  65. The effects of the New Deal
    1. Gov starts getting involved in economy 2. Americans get help from gov 3. Rural areas get electricity & water
  66. The policy of giving into demands in order to keep peace
  67. Date of Pearl Harbor
    December 7, 1941
  68. Hitler blames ___ for Germany's misfortunes
  69. Governmental system where one person wants complete control
  70. Dictator of the Soviet Union after Lenin
    Joseph Stalin
  71. US general in charge of the army in Asia during WWII
    Douglas McArthur
  72. Hating Jewish people
  73. Lightening war
  74. Leader of Italy during WWII
    Benito Mussolini
  75. The "superior" race thought by the Germans
  76. This allows congress to sell weapons to England in the condition they will return them
    Lend-lease act
  77. People were given coupon books to buy a certain amount of food or product. Creates a black market
  78. This event informally ended WWII
    The dropping of the atomic bomb
  79. The first atomic bomb was dropped here
  80. The second atomic bomb was dropped here
  81. Negative term for extreme reckless charges of disloyalty
  82. What was the Bay of Pigs?
    US trained Cuban immigrants to attempt to overthrow Castro and establish a democracy in Cuba
  83. This ended the doctrine of "separate but equal" established by Plessy vs. Ferguson
    Brown vs. Board of education
  84. The lawyer who supported Brown in the Brown vs. Board case
    Thurgood Marshall
  85. Became the first African American Supreme Court Justice
    Thurgood Marshall
  86. This person coined the term "black power"
    Stokley Carmichael
  87. Who is Floyd McKissick?
    A supporter of black power
  88. Who killed MLK Jr.?
    James Earl Ray
  89. Reagan's term for the Soviet Union
    Evil empire
  90. Organization that conducts research for the government
    Think tank
  91. Nickname for strategic defense initiative
    Star Wars
  92. The second African American to serve on the Supreme Court
    Clarence Thomas
  93. Clinton appoints two Surpreme Court Justices:
    Ruth Bader Ginsberg & Steven Breyer
  94. Organization for trade without tariffs between Canada, the US, and Mexico
  95. Took the blame for the terrorist attack on 9/11
    Osama bin Laden
  96. Current vice president of the US
    Joe Biden
  97. Current secretary of defense, republican
    Robert Gates
  98. VP under Bush Jr.
    Dick Cheney
  99. Current governor of Louisiana
    Bobby Jindal
  100. Current Secretary of State
    Hillary Clinton
  101. Current Chief Justice
    John Roberts
  102. Targets on 9/11
    Chosen by Islamic terrorist organization
  103. Iraqi leader, attempts to inspect his country for weapons of mass destruction
    Saddam Hussein
  104. Cost of war on terrorism
    $661 billion
  105. Iraq's connection to US
    Al Qaeda, terrorist group
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