Vocab for English Exam

  1. Aesthetic
    Pertaining to beauty; artistic
  2. Agnostic
    Believes nothing, a skeptic, doubter
  3. Atrophy
    wasting away, failure, degeneration
  4. Banal
    Stale, unoriginal, insipid, hackneyed
  5. Bastion
    Fortified place, stronghold, citadel
  6. Beatific
    Blissful, ecstatic
  7. Belabor
    Overwork, thrash
  8. Burnish
    Polish, shine, buff
  9. Cacophonous
    Harsh sounding, discordant
  10. Charlatan
    Fraud, imposter of ability or knowledge
  11. Chicanery
    Trickery, double dealing
  12. Diatribe
    Bitter or prolonged verbal attack, tirade
  13. Discomfit
    To frustrate, defeat, confuse, perplex, disconcert
  14. Dissidence
    Difference of opinion, disagreement
  15. Echelon
    Level, rank, unit
  16. Epicurean
    Devoted to food, pleasure. Discriminating
  17. Ethereal
    Light, airy, heavenly
  18. Euphemism
    Substitute word for a bad word
  19. Figment
    Fabrication of the mind, creation, invention
  20. Foible
    Weak point, flaw, defect, short coming
  21. Fraught
    Full of
  22. Gambit
  23. Germane
    Relevant, appropriate, pertaining to
  24. Glean
    Gather, collect
  25. Gregarious
    Sociable, outgoing, extroverted
  26. Grouse
    Complain, grumble
  27. Halcyon
    Related to peace
  28. Idiosyncrasy
    Quirk, peculiarity
  29. Impeccable
    Faultless, flawless, immaculate
  30. Imperturbable
    Unexcitable, emotionally steady
  31. Incongruous
    Unsuitable, incompatible
  32. Incumbent
  33. Indictment
    Formal charge, accusation
  34. Innate
    Natural, inherent, intrinsic
  35. Intransigent
    Stubborn, obdurate, unyielding, uncompromising
  36. Invidious
    Malicious, hateful, offensive
  37. Irreparable
    Incapable of being repaired or rectified
  38. Languish
    Become weak. To fade, wilt
  39. Maelstrom
  40. Manifest
    Clear, evident, apparent, reveal
  41. Moratorium
    Postponement, suspension
  42. Motif
    Main idea, feature, theme, element
  43. Neophyte
    Beginner, novice
  44. Nettle
    Annoyance, irritate
  45. Obsequious
    Submissive, suck up, kiss ass
  46. Obtuse
    Stupid, dumb, slow, blunt
  47. Omnipresent
    All present, ubiquitous
  48. Oscillate
    Swing back and forth, fluctuate, vibrate, waiver
  49. Overt
    Obvious, open, manifest
  50. Penitent
    Regretful, remorseful, sorry
  51. Progeny
    Descendants, offspring
  52. Propriety
    Appropriate, acceptable, fit, correct
  53. Raze
    Demolish, destroy
  54. Recumbent
  55. Requite
    Reimburse, recompense
  56. Rudiments
    Fundamentals, basics
  57. Sacrilege
    Desecration, defilement, profanation
  58. Saturnine
    Gloomy, sullen, morose
  59. Sequester
    Separate, seclude, segregate, isolate
  60. Slough
    To cast off, shed
  61. Substantiate
    Confirm, verify, support
  62. Sumptuous
    Costly, lavish, magnificent
  63. Talisman
    Charm, amulet, fetish
  64. Tantamount
  65. Undulate
    Ripple, fluctuate, move in wave like motion
  66. Vituperative
    Abusive, scolding, insulting
  67. Winnow
    Delete, filter, sort through
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