Respiratory Quiz #1, CRNA, Spring 1

  1. What is Ficks Lawr.
    • states that the amount of gas that moves across a sheet of tissue is proportional to the area of the sheet but inversely proportional
    • to its thickness.
  2. What are the single cartilages?
    • epiglotis
    • thyroid
    • cricoid
  3. What are the paired cartilages?
    • Arytenoid
    • Coriniculate
    • Cuniform
  4. What is the alveolar gas equation.
    PAo2 = Pio2 - {PCo2/R}+F
  5. What  is ficks priniciple?
    Vo2=Q(Cao2 - Cvo2)

    • cao2+Blood leaving the lungs.
    • cv02+Blood entering the lungs.
  6. What is PVR?
    VR=(ip-op)/blood flow

    • ip-op= drving pressure
    • blood flow= CO
  7. What are the causes of pulm Edema?
    • Increased capillary hydrostatic pressure
    • Increased capillary permeabilty
    • Reduced Lymph drainge
    • Decreased interstitial pressure
    • Unknown EI
  8. What is the water balance equation?
    net fluid out =K[(Pc-Pi) -(sig)(\Pi c-\Pi i)]
  9. What is Bohr's equation?
    Image Upload 1
  10. What is inspiratory reserve volume?
    From peak of tidal volume to peak of max inspiration.
  11. What is expiratory reserve volume?
    From trough tidal volume to max exhalation.
  12. What is inspiratory capacity?
    Vt + IRV
  13. What is vital capacity?
    IRV + Vt + RV
  14. What is functional residual capacity?
    ERV + RV
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Respiratory Quiz #1, CRNA, Spring 1
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