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  1. Why does the Earth have a strato and meso while other planets do not?
    Earth has Ozone (O3). Other planets do not. This is because ozone is made by UV light interacting with O2.

    Ozone absorbs UV light, which heats the atmosphere (the strato and meso)
  2. Venus and Mars have atmospheres made mostly of CO2. Venus has a huge greenhouse effect. Why doesn't Mars?
    Venus's atmosphere is much thicker than Mars's atmosphere, so it is able to absorb more solar radiation and keep less heat from escaping into space. Mars, on the other hand, has such a pathetic little atmosphere that it just cannot absorb much heat from the sun, nor can it hold onto what little heat it does absorb.
  3. Volatiles
    - Icy substances with densities around 1 g/cm^3

    - Substances which would naturally be found as liquid or gas on Earth
  4. Most abundant element in the solar system
  5. Lapse Rate
    Rate of decrease with height
  6. The Earth has a significant amount of O2 in its atmosphere. Other planets don't. Why not?
    Earth had/has photosynthesizing life forms that produce O2 over a long period of time.
  7. Assume that planet A and planet B are the same size and have the same albedo. If planet A is hotter than planet B, then the thermal emission spectrum of planet A will....
    Peak at a shorter wavelength


    Be higher in overall intensity
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