Broadcasting Final

  1. Alexander Graham Bell
    • invented telephone
  2. david sarnoff
    worked for marconi, became president of RCA
  3. edwin howard armstrong
    founded RCA
  4. Guglielmo Marconi
    won Nobel Prize in physics, "invented" wireless telegraphy
  5. William Paley
    founded CBS
  6. Ted Turner
    first superstation- TBS
  7. Vladimir Zworykin
    invented iconoscope and helped invent electronic TV
  8. Samuel Morse
    invented system of dots and dashes, Morse code
  9. Rupert Murdoch
    founded FOX
  10. Reginald Fessenden
    transmitted the first voice over radio
  11. Philo Farnsworth
    invented image dissector and transmitted the first electronic TV signal
  12. Lee DeForest
    invented spade detector and miracle/audion tube
  13. Felix the Cat
    first image on an electronic TV
  14. Ampex
    invented videotape
  15. Sony
    invented U-AMtic and then Beta, invented Blu-Ray
  16. FCC
    federal communications commission
  17. John Logie Baird
    invented both mechanical and electrical color TV
    National Broadcasting Company, Americcan Broadcating Company, Columbia Broadcasting System, Radio Corporation of America, Turner Broadcasting System
  19. KDKA
    first commercial radio station
  20. WEAF
    NY first station to air a commercial $50 for 10 minutes
  21. VHS
    developed by JVC
  22. NTSC guidelines
    29.97 frames per second, 525 lines resolution
  23. HDTV max res
  24. Paul Nipkow
    scanning disc
  25. HBO
    home box office, first pay cable station
  26. Toll Broadcasting
  27. NTSC
    nation tv systems committee
  28. lens
    gathers and focuses light on the ccd
  29. camera body
    houses electrical equipment
  30. viewfinder
    operator sees image camera sees
  31. reasons to use light:
    baselight, mood, establishign relationships
  32. interlaced scannign system
    two fields, odd first then evens
  33. progressive scanning system
    one two three...
  34. digital over analog
    compression, computer compatability, signal, aspect ratio
  35. digitiation process
    anti-aliasing, sampling, quantizing, coding
  36. focusing
    zoom in focus zoom out
  37. key : fill : back
    1 : 1/2 : 1
  38. bounces off subject
  39. directly from a light source
  40. lighting diagram, cables, sudio board parts, tv systems
  41. calibrating audio system
    turn on, tone to unity, main mix to 0 VU, recorder to 0 VU, tone off, leave it alone
  42. 2 categories audio sources
    pre-recorded and microphones
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Broadcasting Final