Medical Terminology Quiz 3 (#2)

  1. digestive
    di/gest/ive: pertaining to cary or bare
  2. gastrointestinal
    gastr/o/intestin/al: pertaining to stomach intestines
  3. dyspepsia
    dys/peps/ia: pertaining to painful or abnormal digestion
  4. peptic ulcer
    pept/ic ulcer: pertaining to digestion ulcer
  5. pepsin
    peps/in: substances of digestion
  6. pepsinogen
    pepsin/o/gen: that which produces enzyme pepsin
  7. dysphagia
    dys/phag/ia: difficulty swallowing
  8. postprandial
    post/prandial: after a meal
  9. buccal mucosa
    bucc/al mucosa: pertaining to the mucous membrane inside the cheek
  10. labium
    labi/um: structure of the lip
  11. cheilosis
    cheil/o/sis: abnormal condition of lip
  12. gingivitis
    gingiv/itis: inflammation of the gums
  13. palatine
    palat/ine: pertaining to palate
  14. uvulitis
    uvul/itis: pertaining to uvula
  15. submandibular
    sub/mandibul/ar: pertaining to below the lower jaw
  16. hypoglossal
    hypo/gloss/al: pertaining to below the tongue
  17. sublingual
    sub/lingu/al: pertaining to below the tongue
  18. dentin
    dent/in: a substance in the tooth
  19. odontoid
    odont/o/id: resembling a tooth
  20. sialadenoma
    sialaden/oma: tumor of the salivary gland
  21. amylase
    amyl/ase: enzyme of starch
  22. glycogenolysis
    glycogen/o/lysis: process of breaking down animal starch
  23. glycolytic
    glyco/lytic: breakdown of sugar
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Medical Terminology Quiz 3 (#2)
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