Nur 111 &118 Vocab

  1. Pallor
    paleness , white
  2. flushing
    red warm condition of human skin
  3. vitiligo
    patches of hypopigmented skin
  4. jaundice
  5. cyanosis
    blue color of skin - related to lack of oxygen
  6. erythema
    intense redness of the skin
  7. ecchymosis
  8. petechiae
    red bumps around eye
  9. edema
  10. striae
    • silvery white linear jagged pigment marks
    • stretch marks
  11. nodule
    skin lesionĀ  - solid , elevated hard or soft larger than 1cm
  12. pustule
    • turbid fluid in the cavity
    • circumscribed and elevated
    • ex. acne
  13. papule
    something you can feel caused by superficial thickening of the epidermis
  14. cyst
    encapsulated fluid filled cavity in the dermis or sq layer, tensely elevating skin.
  15. scale
    flakes of skin that are dry or greasy, silvery or white from shedding of dead excess keratin cells
  16. crust
    the thickened dried out exudate left when vesicles/pustules burst or dry up
  17. keloid
    • a hypertrophic scar
    • skin lvl elevated by excess scar tissue
  18. hematoma
    "black eye"
  19. senile lentigines
    liver spots
  20. acrochordons
    skin tag
  21. Braden Scale
    • used to predict risk of pressure sores
    • 23 points possible, anyone below 18 points is at risk
  22. tachypnea
    • increased respiratory rate above 24
    • quick shallow breaths
  23. bradypnea
    • respiratory rate less than 12
    • abnormally slow breathing
  24. apnea
    absence of breathing
  25. Kussmaul's Breathing
    hyperventilation that accompanies dka
  26. Adventitious Breath Sounds
    abnormal breath sounds
  27. chest symmetry
    rise and fall bilaterally
  28. Cheyne-Stokes Breathing
    • deep to shallow breathing with periods of apnea
    • end of life breathing
  29. Dyspnea
    difficulty breathing
  30. Orthopnea
    • ability to breath in upright sitting or standing positions.
    • bed- high Fowlers, table across bed w/pillows for pt to lean over while breathing
  31. hemoptysis
    presence of blood in sputum
  32. wheeze
    • high pitched or whistling sound occurring on expiration
    • adventitious breath sound
  33. a-p diameter
    • 1:2 norm
    • 1:1 abnormal except in babies
    • measurement of chest
  34. aspiration
    breathing in anything except air
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