part 2 exam gross

  1. Boundaries for Root of neck
    • lateral- 1st rib and costal cartilage
    • anterior medial- Manubrium
    • posterior medial- body of T1
  2. Viscera in the Root of neck
    • -Trachea
    • -Esophagus
  3. Muscles in the Root of neck
    • Inferior hyoid muscles (only those with origin in the sternum
    • (sternohyoid, sternothyroid, omohyoid)
    • Pre-vertebral Muscles
    • (Longus capitis, Longus Colli)
    • Scalene muscles
    • (anterior and middle)
  4. Action of pre-vertebral muscles?

    What happens when the muscles become stretched?
    Flexes the neck

    Antecollis- In Parkinson's patients pre-vertebral muscles become stretched and head hangs forward.
  5. what part of the lung is the root of neck

    What is covering the lung
    Apex of the lung 2-3 cm above the middle 3rd of clavicle.

    Cervical pleura "copula"- part of the pleura that extends into the root of neck
  6. what are the triangles in the root of neck
    Vertebral artery triangle

    Inter scalene triangle
  7. borders of the inter scalene triangle
    • anterior border is the anterior
    • scalene muscle, posterior border is the middle scalene and inferiorly is the 1st rib.
  8. border of the vertebral triangle
    • Borders
    • Lateral-anterior scalene
    • Medial longus coli
    • Inferior-superior surface of subclavian artery
  9. What are the contents of the inter scalene triangle
    root of the brachial plexus

    Subclavian artery (not the subclavian vein which is in the muscular triangle)
  10. What are the contents of the Vertebral triangle
    Vertebral artery (medial to anterior scalene)
  11. what are the branches of the subclavian artery
    • VIT      C&D
    • D-SIT   C-DS
    • V-vertebral artery
    • I-Internal thoracic artery
    • T-Thyrocervical trunk
    •    S-suprascapular artery
    •    I-inferior thyroid artery
    •    T-transverse cervical artery
    • C-costocervical trunk
    •    D-deep cervical artery
    •    S-superior intercostal artery
    • D-dorsal scapular artyer
  12. arterial supply
  13. Veins in the root of neck
    • Internal jugular
    • subclavian vein
    • external jugular
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