Bio 256 Unit 1D

  1. Metabolism 
    all Chemical reactions
  2. Catabolism
    • breaking down of larger molecules to smaller
    • releases energy
  3. anabolism
    • building larger molecules from smaller
    • uses energy
  4. Energy
    Capacity to do work 
  5. Exergonic Reactions
    release energy and produce heat
  6. Endergonic reactions 
    require input of energy
  7. Energy coupling
    Mechanism to tie exergonic to endergonic reactions- ATP used as intermediate
  8. Active Site of enzyme
    site where enzyme and substrate meet
  9. Induced fit model
    binding of subsrtate slightly changes shape of enzyme's active site
  10. Allosteric Inhibitor
    Bind enzymes away from active site
  11. Fee back inhibition
    product of a metabolic pathway serves as the allosteric inhibitor of the first few enzymes

    When product is decreased more is made
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Bio 256 Unit 1D
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