Lesson 16 vocabulary cards

  1. Charming
    charming- If you are charming, you have a way of pleasing people with what you say and how you act.
  2. Racket
    racket- If you make a lot of noise, you are making a racket.
  3. Ingenious
    ingenious- If you do something clever or imaginative, you are ingenious.
  4. Outwit
    outwit- If you trick someone by doing something clever you outsmart, or outwit, them.
  5. Tender
    tender- Something like food, that is tender is soft and easy to chew or cut.
  6. Delighted
    delighted- When you are very happy about something, you are delighted.
  7. Brittle
    brittle- Things that are brittle are so stiff and hard that they break easily.
  8. Embraced
    embraced- If you hugged someone, you embraced that person.
  9. Cunning
    cunning- Someone who is cunning uses smart and tricky ways to get what he or she wants.
  10. Disguised
    disguised- If you are disguised, you are wearing something that keeps people from knowing who you are.
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Lesson 16 vocabulary cards
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