Radiation Therapy

  1. What happens during Beta- Decay?
    Neutron decays into a proton, electron and an antineutrino. Z up1, N down 1, A is same.
  2. What happens during Beta + Decay?
    • A proton decays into a neutron, a positron, and a neutrino.
    • Z down 1, N up 1, A is same.
  3. What happens during Alpha Decay?
    An alpha particle (helium nucleus 2n+2p) is emitted. Z down 2, N down 2, A down 4.
  4. Describe Electron Capture.
    • Reverse of Beta- Decay. Electron gets too close to nucleus and is combined with a proton to form a neutron and a neutrino.
    • Z up 1, N down 1, A is same.
  5. Two or more chemicals with the same chemical formula, but having different chemical properties are called?
  6. What is the equivalent field size equation?
    2(L x W)/ L+W
  7. The reproduction of infectious organisms is termed...
  8. Give an example of a fomite.
    Door Knob, Needle Stick, etc.
  9. The time interval between exposure and the appearance of the first symptom is termed...
    Incubation period
  10. Nosocomial Infections are
    a hospital or community acquired infection
  11. What are subclinical infections?
    Occur when the infection is present, but there are no signs or symptoms.
  12. The stage of recovery from an illness is called
  13. A collective term used to describe related signs and symptoms is called
  14. Normal Blood Pressure Readings should be
    110-140mm Hg / 60-80mm Hg
  15. Systolic Pressure is
    the first sound heard, pressure in blood vessels during contraction of the heart
  16. Diastolic Pressure is
    the pressure during the relaxation phase of the heart after contraction
  17. Apoptosis is
    programmed cell death
  18. Low LET particles
    X-Rays, Gamma Rays, higher chance of an indirect hit occuring
  19. High LET particles
    alpha particles, distances are closer together, there is a high probability that a direct hit will take place.
  20. A direct hit occurs when
    A particle hits DNA causing a point mutation
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