Sociology 120

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  1. a position in a social system that a person attains voluntarily, to a considerable degree, as the result of his or her own efforts
    achieved status
  2. the ability to operate independent of social constraints
  3. behavior guided by emotions and feelings
    affective action
  4. a position in a social system, assigned to a person from birth, regardless of his or her wishes
    ascribed status
  5. controlled social situtations that intentionally break social rules, violating basic norms and patterns of behavior
    breaching experiments
  6. a practice or technique that is widely used in a particular social setting
  7. a method of analyzing the patterns in face-to-face conversation that produce the smooth, back-and-forth turn-taking of such exchanges
    conversation analysis
  8. an approach that examines the method people use to make sense of their daily activities, emphasizing the ways in which we collectively create social structure in our everyday activities
  9. the rules and routines, both formal and informal, that shape daily activity within organizations
    organizational structure
  10. behavior motivated by calculations of efficiency
    rational action
  11. the sets of expected behaviors associated with particular statuses
  12. the major arenas of social life in which durable routines and patterns of behavior take place
    social institutions
  13. the social structures that bind people together and the values that link people on the broader society
    social integration
  14. a position in a social system that can be occupied by an individual
  15. behavior motivated by custom
    traditional action
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