Federal DNA Legislation

  1. DNA ID Act 1994
    Req. FBI to develop National Quality Standards

    • Provided Fed. Funding
    • Proficiency and Privacy requirements

    Authorized National DNA Database creation
  2. CITA Criminal Information Technology Act 1994
    Funding for labs to participate in National DNA database
  3. DNA Analysis BACKLOG Act 2000
    Funding for local and state labs using Database

    Authorized collection of samples from offenders (D.C. and military)

    Req. FBI to expunge profile from database if conviction overturned
  4. Justice for ALL Act 2004

    Debbie Smith Act
    DNA Sexual Assault Act
    Innocence Project Act
    • Debbie Smith- Allowed statute of limitations to be INCREASED in cases where DNA IDs a suspect.
    • SEX Assault:  req labs getting fed funding to become accredited, DNA for missing persons, FBI mito testing.
    • Innocence Project: Provided funding for retesting of evidence, govt must keep biological evidence in case of retest.
  5. DNA Fingerprint Act of 2005
    Allowed collection of DNA from federal arrestees and detainees.

    Expunge records from DNA database
  6. What are three main categories for collection of DNA for database uploads?
    • Felony convictions
    • Misdemeaner convictions
    • Arrestees
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Federal DNA Legislation
Federal DNA Legislation