Nutrition Screening and Surveillance

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  1. NSI
    • Nutrition Screening Initiative
    • Promote nutrition and improve nutritional care for the elderly to identify nutritional problems early
    • a.  DETERMINE checklist
    • b.  LEVEL I
    •      Screen IDs those who need more comprehensive assessments
    • c.  LEVEL II
    •      Screen used with potentially greater medical or nutritional problems
    • National Nutrition Monitoring and Related Research Program
    • a.  includes all data collection and analysis activities of the federal gov related to measuring the health and nutritional status, food consumption, attitudes about diet and health
    • b.  Jointly run by USDA and DHHS
  3. PedNSS
    • Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System HHS
    • a.  Low income, high risk  children, birth - 17 yo, emphasis on birth- 5 yo
    • b.  height, weight, birth-weight, HCT, HGB, cholesterol, breast feeding
    • c.  monitors growth and nutritional status, infant-feeding practices.
  4. PNSS
    • Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System HHS
    • a.  Low income, high risk pregnant women
    • b.  maternal weight gain, anemia, pregnancy behavior risk factors, birth weight, counts number of women who breast feed
    • C.  ID and reduce pregnancy related health risks
    • National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey 
    • a.  Ongoing survey to obtain info on health of american people
    • b.  Evaluates clinical, chemical, anthropometric, nutritional data (24 hr, FFQ), Hgb, Hct, cholesterol
  6. NFCS
    • Nationwide Food Consumption Surveys USDA
    • a.  Obtain info on food intake of indivs and total households from entire US
    • b.  Evaluate Protein, Ca, Fe, thiamin, riboflavin, vits A and C
    • c.  Diets rated good if intakes equaled or surpassed RDA; rated poor if less than 2/3 RDA for 1 or more nutrient
  7. BRFSS
    • Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System HHS
    • a.  Adults 18 +, residing in homes with phones
    • b.  telephone interviews collect info on ht, wt, smoking, alcohol use, FFQ for fat, F and V, preventable health problems, diabetes
  8. YRBS
    • Youth Risk Behavior Survey HHS
    • Grades 9-12
    • Smoking, alcohol use, wt control, exercise, eating habits
  9. WLPS
    • Weight Loss Practice Survey HHS
    • a.  18+, currently trying to lose weight
    • b.  Demographic info on BMI, diet history, self-preception
  10. DHKS
    • Diet and Health Knowledge Survey USDA
    • Main meal planner and preparer in households. Beliefs about food safety, food labels, knowledge of nutrients
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