Vet 218- MT Ch.4 Terms

  1. Leukocytosis
    Increase in WBC's
  2. Leukopenia
    Decrease in WBC's
  3. Monocytosis
    Increase in monocytes
  4. Monocytopenia
    Decrease in monocytes
  5. Polycythemia
    Increase in RBC's
  6. Anemia
    Decrease in RBC's (and hemoglobin)
  7. Thrombocytosis
    Increase in platelets
  8. Thrombocytopenia
    Decrease in platelets
  9. Neutrophilia
    Increase in neutrophils
  10. Neutropenia
    Decrease in neutrophills
  11. Eosinophilia
    Increase in eosinophils
  12. Eosinopenia
    Decrease in eosinophils
  13. Basophilia
    Increase in basophils
  14. Basopenia
    Decrease in basophils
  15. Polychromasia
    Erythorcytes with varied staining qualities.
  16. Anisocytosis
    Size variations in erythrocytes
  17. Pancytopenia
    Deficiency of all blood cells
  18. Lymphocytosis
    Increased lymphocytes
  19. Lymphocytopenia
    Decrease in lymphocytes
  20. Monocytosis
    Increase in monocytes
  21. Monocytopenia
    Decrease in monocytes
  22. Polymorphonuclear
    Multishaped nucleus
  23. Hemostasis
    Process of clotting
  24. Thrombus
    A clot
  25. Phagocyte
    Leukocyte that ingests foreign material
  26. Macrophage
    Phagocytic leukocytes found outside the bloodstream
  27. Hemorrhage
  28. Hematoma
    Localiazed accumulation of blood between tissues
  29. Megakaryocyte
    Cell in bone marrow that forms platelets
  30. Poikilocytosis
    Shape variations of erythrocytes
  31. Hypoproteinemia
    Deficent protein of the blood, below normal plasma proteins
  32. Lipemia
    Excess of fats or lipids in the blood, giving the plasma a milky apperance.
  33. Leukemia
    Malignancy of blood forming tissues, resulting in excessive numbers of abnormal leukocytes in the blood
  34. Bilirubinemia
    Bilirubin in the blood.
  35. Icteric
  36. Rubriblast
    Youngest form of erythrocytes, found only in bone marrow
  37. Metarubricyte
    Young erythrocyte about to discharge its nucleus, most frequently observed NRBC.
  38. Myelocyte
    Immature leukocytes that are generally found only in bone marrow
  39. Metamyelocyte
    Immature leukocyte that may be seen in circulating blood in an animal with overwhelming disease.
  40. Prothrombin
    Clotting factor II, precursor to thrombin
  41. Fibrinogen
    Clotting factor I, precursor to fibrin.
  42. Myelodysplasia
    Bone marrow malformation or poor development.
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