A Book of Coupons 5

  1. particular
    a singled out member of a group
  2. unbearable
    to able to experiance
  3. orderly
    neatly arranged; everything in its place
  4. wonder
    curious to know something
  5. whether
    a choice between things that might be
  6. wandering
    to move in a relaxed way
  7. tomb
    a place where dead bodies are put
  8. dreadful
    full of great pain or fear
  9. hem
    the sewn edge of a piece of cloth
  10. last straw
    The final additional small burden that makes the whole of one's difficulties unbearable
  11. survive
    keep alive
  12. manage
    be in charge of
  13. boost
    lift up; help
  14. often
    happening many times
  15. load
    things that are carried
  16. bother
    take the trouble to do something
  17. avoid
    keep away from
  18. somewhat
    an average amount
  19. bizzare
    strange or unusual
  20. racket
    a loud uncomfortable noise
  21. screeched
    a loud, rough cry
  22. earsplitting
    hurting the ears
  23. immediate
    done at once; the nearest in time
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A Book of Coupons 5