English: Fireside Poets

  1. Who were known as American Romantic Poets?
    Fireside Poets
  2. What was the audience of the Fireside Poets?
  3. What was the Fireside Poet's purpose for writing?
    • Entertain
    • Education
  4. What were the topics of the Fireside Poet's Poems?
    • American Patriotism
    • History
    • Nature
    • Life Cycle
  5. Who was the father of the Fireside Poets?
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  6. How did Longfellow's wives die?
    • Infection
    • Fire
  7. Why were Longfellow's poems popular?
    • Rhyme Scheme
    • Literary Devices
  8. A Psalm of Life:
  9. A Psalm of Life:
    What idea does Longfellow challenge?
    • How life is supposed to be worth living. 
    • We're supposed to conquer something before we die.
  10. A Psalm of Life:
    "Great lives of men":
    What can we learn from that?
    That we should make our lives interesting and that we should forget about all our problems
  11. A Psalm of Life:
    Positive or Negative?
  12. A Psalm of Life:
    What is so special about this poem?
    It has rhyme scheme
  13. A Psalm of Life:
    What does this mean?:
    "Art is long, time is fleeting"
    *Purpose of this writing
    What you put on earth will last forever, but your life is short
  14. A Psalm of Life:
    What do the footprints mean?:
    "Footprints on the sands of time"
  15. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
  16. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    What did you see when reading this poem?
    The ending of a life
  17. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    What is implied about the traveler?
    • That he dies
    • He was elderly and accepting death
  18. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    What does the town represent?
  19. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    Connect the town and the traveler?
    The man was trying to reach the town (the light)
  20. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
  21. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    What do the footprints represent?:
    "The little waves, with their soft, white hands, efface the footprints in the sand."
    • His existence or life
    • Death coming and taking him
  22. The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls:
    What is the theme?
    • Life still goes on
    • Nature is eternal
  23. The Skeleton in Armor:
  24. The Skeleton in Armor:
    What was Longfellow's Inspiration for this poem?
    Actual true things that happened. He was trying to say that Columbus was not the first to discover America. In Massachusetts (where he lived) in the newspaper it said that they had found a viking body and they had found a Scandinavian tower in Rhode Island and he connected the stories
  25. The Skeleton in Armor:
    Is this story fiction or nonfictional?
  26. The Skeleton in Armor:
    Who is the narrator in the beginning?
  27. The Skeleton in Armor:
    What was true about vikings and bragging?
    The more they bragged the more they were liked
  28. The Skeleton in Armor:
    What would the viking do when they entered a new town
    They would steal stuff from a place they went to, rape the women, and kill all the men
  29. The Skeleton in Armor:
    Where does the narration change?
    • Line 17
    • (skeleton comes to life)
  30. The Skeleton in Armor:
    What was the viking like as a young child?
    Fierce hunter, fearless, brave
  31. The Skeleton in Armor:
    Give examples to show what the vikings character was like when he was young?
    *he was brave
    • He walked on thin ice, even the dog was afraid to walk on it
    • Tamed a falcon (very dangerous bird)
    • He followed the werewolves all night long
  32. The Skeleton in Armor:
    What happened when the viking was a young adult?
    • Joined a pirate crew
    • Became a viking
    • Killed people
    • Had drinking parties
  33. The Skeleton in Armor:
    How was the viking when he was a mature man?
    A loving father and husband
  34. What things were the maiden and the viking compared to?:
    (3 each)
    • Viking:
    • Hawk
    • Seagull
    • Cormorant 

    • Maiden:
    • Baby bird
    • Dove
    • Prey
  35. Who was Snowbound by?
    John Greenleaf Whittier
  36. Snowbound:
    • Happy
    • (especially in the last stanza)
  37. Snowbound:
    To make sure that people knew what Rural New England was like back then.
  38. Snowbound:
    Flag- to rosy bloom
  39. Thanatopsis:
    William Cullen Byrant
  40. Thanatopsis:
    What does Thanatopsis mean?
    • Thana=Death
    • Opsis=Vision
    • Vision of death, what death is like
  41. What is personified in the story?
    Nature, he calls it a "She"
  42. Thanatopsis:
    Live your life to the fullest so that when you die, you have any regrets
  43. Thanatopsis:
  44. Thanatopsis:
    What is the great tomb of man?
  45. Thanatopsis:
    What are the declaration of the great tomb of man?
    Rivers, meadows, ocean, the vallies
  46. The First Snowfall:
    James Russell Lowell
  47. The First Snowfall
    Extended Metaphor:
    "The scar that renewed our woe"
    Just like snow covered the grave by time. and time will help heal you. It won't go away, but it will get better
  48. Old Ironsides:
    Oliver Wendell Holmes
  49. Old Ironsides:
    What was the title, a nick name for?
    The U.S. consitution
  50. Old Ironsides:
    TO save the ship
  51. Old Ironsides:
    Sarcastic and angry tone
  52. Old Ironsides:
    The Meteor of the ocean air
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